Content Blocks

Content Blocks are the individual building blocks of your Product Page.

SamCart pages convert so effectively because they showcase your Product on the same page that customers use to purchase. Content Blocks are the individual sales, marketing, and design components that a winning page is comprised of.

Content Blocks are broken up into two categories: Core Elements and Widgets

Core Elements

Core Elements are the "essentials" of any strong Product Page. Regardless of what kind of Product you sell or the medium used to launch your Product, your Product Page should feature at least a few Core Elements.

They include: 

  • Headlines: Large text blocks that are used to create curiosity and excitement.
  • Text: Blocks of text that can be used anywhere on your page.
  • Dividers: Horizontal lines that break up sections of your page.
  • Bullet Points: Bulleted lists used to highlight your Product's benefits and features.
  • Buttons: Clickable buttons used to take customers straight to checkout or an external link.
  • Images: Easily embed photos from your computer, the web, or any of Unsplash's stock images.
  • Videos: Easily embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or your own website. 


Widgets add extra functionality to your Product Page. They're dynamic pieces of content that aesthetically improve your page, dispel customer fears, boost your credibility, and drive visitor action. 

They include: 

  • Progress Bars: Horizontal bars which alert visitors of their progress down a Product Page. Great for long pages which include multiple "steps" before checkout!
  • Countdown Timers: Customizable timers that drive scarcity by alerting visitors a page or "deal" will close after the timer hits zero.
  • Guarantees: Stamps used to dispel customer concerns and eliminate perceived risk.
  • Testimonials: Interactive elements that showcase reviews and boost your credibility.
  • FAQ's: Interactive and collapsable "Question & Answer" elements used to dispel customer concerns and reduce support questions.
  • HTML: Used adding any custom-code to your Product Page. 

Adding Content Blocks to Your Product Page

To add a Content Block, simply select an element from either Core or Widgets on the right and drag it into the desired location on your page:

And that's it! Pretty easy, right? 

The Content Builder has a number of pre-arranged Rows, Columns, and Content Blocks called Collections. These are proven to drive conversions and are featured on some of our highest performing Product Pages, so make sure to utilize them to make building a winning page even easier! 

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