Limited Subscriptions

Learn how to create limited subscriptions with SamCart.

SamCart helps you easily create limited subscriptions - both with and without trial periods! Limited subscriptions are subscriptions that end after a specified number of billing cycles. This is the option to use if you would like to offer your customers a Payment Plan option for one of your products!

Create Your Subscription

Start by navigating to your Products (1) tab and clicking + New Product (2).

You will define your product’s pricing structure in the popup that appears. Let’s take a look at each of the options:

  1. Product Name: This is the product name that will appear in your customer’s receipts and emails. 
  2. Description: Enter a brief description of your product. This section is optional and used for internal use only.
  3. Pricing Type: To create a limited subscription, select Limited Subscription. Limited subscriptions bill at regular intervals until a designated number of payments are completed. If you would like to create a subscription with no end date, check out our Recurring Subscriptions article
  4. Subscription Price: The recurring subscription price.
  5. No. of charges: Enter the total number of charges for your limited subscription. For example, if you are creating a payment plan that is 4 payments of $100, enter '4'.
  6. Recurring Period: This is how often your subscription will bill - weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or custom days.
  7. Trial Period: Toggle this to ‘On’ if you would like your subscription to include a trial period.
  8. Trial Period: The length of your trial period in days.
  9. Initial Price: If you are setting up a Paid Trial, this is the price of that paid trial. This fee will be charged immediately upon purchase.
  10. Create Product: When you’re all done, click Create Product to move on to setting up your product page and details!

Subscription Examples

Below are a few examples of different types of limited subscriptions, and the settings you would enter to make them happen in SamCart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change the recurring price for an existing product?

A: Any subscription-based product that has (or had) active subscribers cannot have its pricing structure changed. If you want to update the price, we suggest creating a duplicate product at the appropriate price and setting up a checkout redirect that points to the newly remade product.

Q: Can I create a limited subscription with a single payment (No. of Charges = 1)?

A: You cannot create a limited subscription with a single payment. Instead, try creating a one-time payment product! 

You can, however, create a limited subscription with a single payment (No. of Charges = 1) if there is a free or paid trial. For example, an initial charge of $100 and then 1 payment of $50 30 days later.

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