#2 Create Your First Product Page

Build your first SamCart Product Page in just a few clicks!

To continue with the Getting Started guide and learn about building your product pages, continue to the next article: #3 Design Your Product Page. For more information from the above video, read on!

From anywhere in your SamCart Dashboard, click the Products button in your navigation bar: 

From your Product Dashboard, click the + New Product button in the top right corner of your screen:

In the New Product pop-up, enter the following:

  • Product Name (1): The public-facing name of your Products that will appear on your Product Page, Order Summary Page, Marketplace Emails, etc.
  • Product Description (2): A tweet-length description of what you're selling (optional).
  • Pricing Type (3): Select whether this product is a one-time payment, a recurring subscription, a limited subscription, or a Pay What You Want product.
  • Product Price (4): The price your customers will be charged upon purchasing your Product.

When you're finished, click Create Product (5):

Product Details

After your Product is created, you'll be immediately taken to your Product's Product Details tab. Here, you'll be able to edit the basic details of your Product such as its Product Name, URL, Price, and Product Image.

Let's briefly touch on some of the less obvious settings:

  • Order Redirect: This is either the URL you'd like to refer your customers to after they purchase this Product, or - if you do not redirect them - the place to include a custom message in the Order Summary page. You can read more about this setting here
  • Tags: This field is used for organizing your SamCart Dashboard's Products page, not for SEO/marketing. You can learn more about the Product Tags feature here
  • Type: This setting relates to how your Product is delivered to your customers. All non-physical Products that don't require physically shipping something should be set to Digital/Service. If you select Digital/Service, you can then upload a file to your Product for delivery to your new customers via the Order Receipt Email/Order Summary Page. You can learn more about delivering digital files here. If you set your Product to Physical, you can then set Shipping & Handling charges. 

Checkout Design

Once you're satisfied with everything here, head to your new Product's Checkout Design tab: 

Here, select a Template for your Product Page. These templates are all a bit different and mostly affect the look and feel of the checkout forms (where your customers enter their purchase details) rather than the custom content on your page. 

To select a template, place your cursor over it and click the checkmark: 

You can also preview the template by clicking the Eyeball button. Don't be afraid of changing templates after you've begun editing your page! It will NOT delete any of your existing work, and you can always switch back.

To launch the Content Builder so you can begin customizing your Product Page, click the following banner: 

Learn more about the Content Builder here.

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