Automatically enroll students into your Kajabi courses, with new SamCart Integration Rules.

Are you using Kajabi to deliver digital products to your customers?

Well now you can automatically enroll your customers into Kajabi courses immediately after they complete their purchase! 

You can even automatically remove their access if a customer decides it isn't right for them so your customers always have access to exactly what they need, and all of your content is perfectly protected. 

1: Integrate With Kajabi

First things first, head into your SamCart Marketplace Settings (towards the top right hand corner of your dashboard) and click on Integrations.

Then click on the New Integration button, select Kajabi from the dropdown menu and enter the following info to complete your integration:

  • Integration Name (ex: My Kajabi Account)
  • Kajabi API Key
  • Kajabi API Secret

Your Kajabi API Key and API Secret can be found inside of your Kajabi account, under Account Settings, then Account Details.

Click Save Integration to connect SamCart with Kajabi.

2: Create Your Integration Rules

You can now go into any SamCart product, and create your own Integration Rules that automatically grant or revoke Kajabi offers for your customers.

Go to the Products tab, and select any product. 

Then select the Integrations tab, scroll to the BETA Integrations area, and click on New Rule.

The Integration Engine will now walk you through creating your custom Integration Rule! The first step is to choose what "Trigger Action" activates this rule.

You can choose between Product Purchased, Product Refunded, or Subscription Cancelled (if your product is a subscription, of course!). 

Next, choose which of your integrations you want to use for this rule. In this example, you would select your Kajabi account.

Then select the action you wish to take inside of Kajabi. You have the option to Grant Access to an Offer, or Revoke Access from an Offer.

Lastly, use the dropdown menu to select which Kajabi Offer you want to grant/revoke access to. When you're ready, click Submit to save and activate your new Integration Rule!

Your new Integration Rule is live! In the example below, any customer who purchases this product will be automatically granted access to the Kajabi Offer I chose from the dropdown. 

3: Automate Your Course Membership

Repeat this process to create as many rules as you need! Use multiple rules when the product is purchased to grant access to more than one offer. Create new rules to revoke access if your product is refunded. 

The Integration Engine is designed to help you seamlessly automate your Kajabi memberships, without ever lifting a finger. It's like having a team member working around the clock to make sure your customers always have exactly what they need. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do my customers receive their login information?

A: After being granted an offer in Kajabi, your customers will receive an email from your Kajabi account containing their username and password. 

That email will always be sent to the same email your customer used to place their order in SamCart.

Q: What if I do not my Kajabi Offer in the dropdown menu?

A: Easy peezy. When selecting your Offer from the dropdown menu, click the Refresh button, and SamCart will ping Kajabi and pull in all the latest offers you have created in your account.

Q: Can my customers manage their billing inside of Kajabi?

A: No, all billing is still handled inside of SamCart. Any updating credit cards, purchasing more products, cancelling a subscription, etc. is all done from SamCart.

Q: Can I create multiple rules at a time?

A: Absolutely. You can create as many rules as you need, on all of your SamCart products.

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