Split Test Your Checkout Pages

Increase your conversion rates by running live split tests right on your checkout page.

SamCart's Split Testing feature allows you to create a variation of your checkout page to see what converts best! 

You can create one variant or multiple, and the checkout page will automatically rotate the control and variation pages your customers view. The result will be insightful data that shows the best performing page. Change one small thing or create a totally different page - the choice is yours!

Create Your First Split Test

It is simple to create your first split test. Go to the Advanced Settings tab of your Product Settings and scroll down to the AB Test section. 

Press the +New Variation button and choose a name for the variation. When you create a variation of the original page, what you are doing is essentially creating a new product with its own settings. Once the variation is created, you can click into the variation product to enter the variation's product settings and make changes.

Your original product is known as the Control Product. It is important to note that if you have Integration Rules created on Zapier that use a Product ID, the Variation Product will have its own unique Product ID, so be sure to add the rules again in Zapier! 

Popular Split Tests

1. Split Test Design

You can Split Test page templates and designs inside both the Legacy Template Builder and New Content Builder. You can even test Legacy Templates against New Builder Templates! Change the Headline, Testimonials, Bullet Points, Images, Background Color, Checkout Button Color, and more! 

2. Split Test an Upsell Funnel

You can even split test Upsell Funnels to see which one performs better. 

To do this, go to the Upsells tab of the Product Settings and add an Upsell Funnel from the dropdown. Press the +Split Test button and then select another funnel from the dropdown. You can test two or more! Check out the support article here for more information on creating funnels. 

3. Split Test a Checkout Form

You would like to collect phone number and billing address information from the customer, but could the extra information be preventing customers from completing checkout? Maybe! There is a great way to find out and that is by split testing a page that collects that info against another that does not.

Adding and removing checkout form fields is easy - if you are in the Content Builder, just go to the Settings tab and choose Checkout Form. Add or remove Checkout Fields from the section and then Publish to make the changes live. 

Please note that if you are using Authorize Net as a payment processor, you must have the Billing Address fields on the checkout page. Do not disable them for a split test.

Split Test Data and Actions

Now that you have split tested, you will want to analyze the data for the best performing checkout page. 

Go back to the AB Test section on the Advanced Settings tab of the Product Settings.

There will be a Row for each Control and Variation page. It will show data for number of Views, Conversions, and Conversion Stats. This will help you gather the information you need to decide which version of the checkout page works best! 

There are three additional actions that you can take in the AB Test section:

Disable Variation

Disabling a variation allows you to keep the stats from the Variation page but no longer use the page in a split test. If you click this option, it will move the data to the Inactive Test Variations section. If you disable the variation, you can enable it again at a later time.

Reset Stats

Resetting statistics will set all Views, Conversions, and Conversion % to zero. This option works best if you make a change to the page and want to start the split test over.

Delete Variation

Deleting a Variation will remove all stats as well as the variation from the dashboard. Once the data is deleted, it will not be recoverable. 

Right now, there is not a way to delete the Control or automatically switch it into the Variation's layout. If a Variation is the better performer, you will have to make the changes to the Control page manually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a good sample size to know which page is the better performer? 

A: We recommend waiting until the Variation has at least 100 Visitors or Views.

Q: Can I test the page and see the variations?

A: Preview the Checkout Page URL and refresh the page a few times to see it switch back and forth from the Control page to the Variation page. 

Q: Is there anything I cannot split test?

A: Currently, you cannot split test pricing. The pricing of the Control page will be the same pricing on the Variation page.  

Q: Can I add an Order Bump to the variation?

A: Absolutely! You can test different Order Bumps on the control and variation pages.

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