Update Credit Card On File

Quickly update your customer's credit card info and capture more sales.

There are times when a customer will ask to use a different credit card for their subscription payments, or perhaps their current card is being declined. Thankfully, updating what credit card your customer has on file is easy in SamCart.

Follow this walkthrough to help your customer update the credit card on file for their subscription payments.

Update Credit Card On File

First thing you need to do is find the customer’s subscription.

  • Log in to your SamCart account and navigate to the Sales tab in the top navigation bar.
  • Click on either Orders or Subscriptions and then search for the customer by their name or email address.

  • Select the subscription you want to edit, and you will open up the subscription’s modal window.

Once you have found the subscription, there are two ways to update a customer’s credit card on file.

Send Card Update Email

Click on the “Send Card Update Email” button.

That button will send an email to the customer’s inbox. That email will contain a unique link where you custom will be taken to a secure page and update their credit card on file for this subscription.

Update Credit Card

The second way to update a customer’s credit card on file is to click on the “Update Credit Card” button when viewing their subscription.

That button will launch a pop-up where you can manually enter in credit card information on behalf of your customer.

After a new card is added, a message will let you know whether or not the card was successfully updated.

The next charge will be attempted on the regular billing schedule. Check the “Next Billing Date” to see exactly when that will be.

When the next subscription charge runs, the new card will be used.

You can verify that a new card was added by clicking on your customer's name. Under Customer Details, you'll be able to see the last four digits and expiration date of their card on file.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if my customer paid with PayPal?

A: If your customer paid via PayPal, there will be no "Update Credit Card" option since the customer needs to update their information in PayPal. 

Ask your customer to update their PayPal payment information. Then, you can Cancel and Restart their subscription. As soon as you click Restart Subscription, SamCart will charge their PayPal account. 

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