How To Use Your Affiliate Dashboard

Are you an affiliate of someone using SamCart to sell their stuff? 

Well then check out this video to see exactly how you can use your Affiliate Center Dashboard to promote their products, and earn affiliate commissions for every sale you make. 

Log In To Your Dashboard

You can log in to your Affiliate Dashboard anytime by visiting

Check Your Stats

Once in your Dashboard, you will see some "big picture" stats at the top-left of the page. 

  • Payable Commissions: by Default, Commissions earned that are older than 30 days, and eligible to be paid out.
  • Pending Commissions: by default Commissions earned that are younger than 30 days, and are not yet eligible to be paid out.
  • Total Revenue: Total sales (in dollars) generated from your Affiliate links.
  • Global Earnings Per Click: Total commissions generated divided by the total number of clicks you have generated.

You can change the default 'commission pending' period towards the bottom of the affiliate center.

Grab Your Affiliate Links

Whoever you are promoting should have created a few links for you to promote. Scroll down on your dashboard to see the links that are available for you. Each link will have...

1: A Name

2: A Destination URL

3: Your Unique Affiliate Link

Choose which link you would like to use, and copy your Affiliate Link. 

Share your affiliate links with your audience, and watch your stats to see how many clicks and sales you generate. 

You may also have affiliate emails available for you as well. Emails allow you to copy paste paste HTML code for a pre-written email that has your affiliate already copied into hyperlinked text, images, etc. in the body. 

Open an email, and click on the Copy button to copy the raw HTML code version of this email. 

Take that code and drop it into your email marketing tool like AWeber, MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc. Please direct any questions on how to copy in HTML code to your email marketing service.

Tracking Commissions With The Ledger

The Ledger is a running table of all activity that effects your commissions. When you new sales is made under your affiliate link, you will see a new line item in your Ledger. 

When a subscription is successfully rebilled or an item is refunded to the customer, you will see a new line item in your Ledger.

Each line item will show the amount, and the commission you earned from that amount. Items shown in parentheses are negative amounts that count against your commissions, representing refunds issued to the customer.

Your Ledger also contains the customer's name, email address, order ID number, and date. 

(Usually) Getting Paid Through PayPal

The very last table on your Affiliate Dashboard is Payouts. Each time the account owner pays out a balance on your account, a new line item will be entered into this table. 

Each line item will contain a total amount of commissions that was paid, and a date it was paid. 

Usually, SamCart users pay their affiliates through PayPal transfer. When you signed up to be an affiliate for this SamCart Marketplace, you provided a PayPal address. 

If you ever want to see and/or edit which PayPal address you have on file, click on Settings in the dropdown menu at the top-right of your screen.

Then click on the Edit button near your account's information. Use the pop-up window to change your information on file.

If you have any questions about promoting, getting paid, etc. please contact the owner of the SamCart Account you are promoting. 

Are you a SamCart Affiliate? If you have questions, feel free to shoot us an email at!

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