Easily calculate taxes with our new tax feature

Do you want to calculate tax and add it to your product price? Read on for instructions on adding taxes to your product pages. 

NOTE: You must be on a new SamCart plan (Launch, Grow, or Scale) to utilize the tax feature. SamCart currently only supports tax for the US, Canada, Australia, and the EU.

Enable Taxes for your Marketplace

Follow the directions below to enable taxes for your products.

  • Navigate to your General Marketplace Settings
  • Enter your physical business address under Marketplace Address. You must provide a physical address to utilize the tax feature. 
  • If your business pays VAT tax, there is an optional VAT ID section.

Turn on Taxes for Individual Products

Next, you will need to enable taxes for each of your products individually:

  • Click on the Products tab.

  • Select any product (or create a new one).
  • Click on the Checkout Design tab and launch the Drag & Drop Builder.

  • In the right hand toolbar, go to Settings > Checkout Form and ensure that Billing Address and/or Shipping Address is checked. An address must be enabled to turn on tax collection. If both a billing and shipping address are provided, tax will be calculated based on the shipping address.

  • Next, navigate to the Advanced Settings tab.

  • Scroll to the Taxes section and toggle Collect Sales & VAT Taxes For Product to Yes.

  • Click Save Changes and you're good to go!

Changes To Your Checkout Page

Once a customer enters their Billing Address on your checkout page, a Tax line will appear in their Order Summary:

Tax will also be clearly noted on the Order Summary Page:

As well as in the Order Details view of your SamCart Marketplace: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will turning on taxes for a product impact existing subscriptions?

A: No - current subscriptions will continue on their current cadence for the amount that the customer agreed to pay during checkout. Moving forward, if taxes are turned on for a subscription product, all new subscriptions will charge taxes.

Q: Why do I need to have my Marketplace address entered to collect taxes?

A: To properly calculate tax charges, we need to know both your physical business address and the customer’s address. 

Q: What if taxes are not showing up on a product where taxes are turned on?

A: If the tax is not showing up on your checkout page, first ensure that the customer billing address is correct and filled in. If the customer billing address is filled in and taxes are still not showing, it is likely that taxes do not need to be collected for the purchase. No sales tax is collected if you do not have nexus in the same state (US) or country as the customer's delivery address.

Q: How are taxes calculated for Order Bumps and Upsells?

A: Order Bumps and Upsells will only be charged tax if the primary product has tax collection turned on.

Q: What if I’m currently using Taxamo to calculate taxes? Can I convert to SamCart’s tax calculation (via Taxjar)?

A: You can convert from Taxamo to Taxjar, but there are some advanced features that Taxamo offers that may not have equivalencies in SamCart’s implementation of Taxjar.

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