Managing Products

SamCart makes it easy to find and organize all your products with just a few clicks.

Let's take a look at how to manage your products!

To locate or create a product, start by clicking on the Products tab.

This is where you will find your Product Dashboard. This is also where you will go to create new products. Learn more about creating new products here

Use the search bar (1) to search for products by name, type or URL slug. You can also filter results by:

Your Product Dashboard is organized in alphabetical order, however Favorited products always appear first. This is a great way to keep frequently-accessed products at the top of the list! 

You can Favorite a product by clicking on the star icon on the far left, next to the product image. 

For each product, the Product List displays a product image, product name, product type, status, price, and the last edited date. 

Hovering over a product will display a menu on the righthand side.

  • Details takes you to that product's Product Details page.
  • Design opens The Content Builder for that product.
  • View Page takes you to that product's live product page. 
  • More shows some additional options: 
    • Share opens a popup where you can quickly grab your product page's URL.
    • Duplicate creates an identical copy of that product. 
    • Delete deletes the product. Please note that deleting a product will remove your product from the Product Dashboard, and the action cannot be undone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can’t delete my Product because it is grayed out. Why is this?

A: This means the Product you are wanting to delete is currently being used as a payment option on another product. You will need to find and remove that product as a payment option before you can delete it.

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