Payment Method Icons

Customize the icons for Payment Methods on your product page!

You can now edit and customize the Payment Method Icons that appear in the Checkout Section of your product page! 

To edit the icons for the different Payment Methods on your product page just follow these quick steps:

Navigate to the Content Builder inside the Checkout Design tab of your product:

Inside your Content Builder, click on the Settings (1) tab in the right hand column and click on the Checkout Form (2) option:

In the Payment Method Icons section you can begin editing the Payment Method Icons that are shown on your product page!

In the Credit Cards and PayPal drop down menu you can select the style of your icons: 

Credit Cards and PayPal Styles

Minimalist Style for both Card and PayPal Icons (Default Setting): 

Modern Style for both Card and PayPal Icons:

Classic Style for both Card and PayPal logos: 

You can mix and match the different styles for Card and PayPal logos as well!

In the Payment Method Icons section, you can also select the specific types of cards that will be shown on your product page.

By default, all card options will be selected. To remove a specific type of card from your product page, just deselect it in the Payment Method Icons section.

Once you have edited your product’s page payment icons, you can click on the Publish button inside the Content Builder to apply your changes to your Live page!

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