Linking a Video to Your Course

Follow these best practices to upload your video to an external service and link to it within your course!

To add a video to your course, you can either upload it directly to be hosted within SamCart, or you can upload it to an external third party service and use the URL to include it in your course. To learn how to upload directly, see our article on Uploading a Video to Your Course.

To simply link to an external video, you will first need to host your course on a third-party tool. Three of the most popular video hosting tools are YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia.

Each of these tools have free plans - this is a great place to start! We recommend reviewing the offerings of the free plans to make sure they’re aligned with your needs. For example, sometimes free plans would allow for ads to be playing during your video if your channel qualifies. 

We have included some information on each of the different hosting platforms here!


For more information on creating your free YouTube account visit YouTube's support page here

After uploading your video onto YouTube, you can copy your YouTube video URL and paste it into the Video content block of your lesson:

Click the Insert Video button after adding your YouTube URL to successfully add a video to your course!

Watch this quick video for more information on hosting your video on YouTube!

Watch this short video for more information on adding a YouTube Livestream to your Course:

For more information on privacy settings in YouTube check out the following:


You can host your video on either Vimeo Basic (free plan) or on any of their paid plans! 

To upload a video to Vimeo, you will need to log in to your existing account or create a free account. Sign up here!

For more information on uploading videos to Vimeo check out their support article here! 

After uploading your video and copying your Vimeo URL you can upload it into the Add Video popup of your Video content block inside your lesson:

On Vimeo Basic, it is important to note that your hosted video will include an ad when adding your Vimeo link to your Course. You would need to be on a Vimeo paid account to avoid having ads included in your video.

Watch this quick video for more information on hosting your video on Vimeo!

Watch this quick video for more information on Vimeo's Privacy Settings:


Host your videos on Wistia’s Free or Paid plans and easily grab your video’s shareable link! Sign up here!

Note: with Wistia’s Free plan you will only be able to upload a set amount of videos. 

After creating your Wisita account or logging into your existing account, you can easily upload your video by clicking on the Upload a Video button. For more information on uploading videos to Wistia checkout their support article here!

After uploading your video, you'll want to navigate to the Share tab to find your video’s URL. Copy your video’s share link and then paste it in the Add Video popup to successfully add your video to your course!

Amazon S3

You can now host your videos on Amazon S3 to add to your course! 

Watch this short video that will include more information on hosting on Amazon S3:

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