Quick Start Tips

Unlike standard deck creation tools like PowerPoint or Google Slides, Typeset gets you creating content immediately instead of fumbling around with the layout and organization of your content. Simply describe what you want or copy and paste it in, and Typeset magically makes it a reality.

Getting Started

Once you've created your account, you can start creating right away!

There are two ways to get started:

  • Go to https://www.typeset.com/ and select Create in the top right corner, or

  • Choose between: Deck, Document or Social Media

    • You can choose to create a Folder for your existing documents

On the left is your editor. Think of the editor as your working space: put your text/content there, and then slides will appear on the right. The slides will update as you type in the editor.

Important tips to keep in mind:

  1. To change the type of content you’re adding to a slide, just type it into the field box. For example, writing “bullets” tells Typeset to automatically format that line as a bulleted list.

  2. To add a new element, simply hit Enter/Return.

  3. To add a new slide, use Command+Return, --- (three dashes), or hit Return three times.

Using the "/" command

Browse all available components to add to a Typeset slide by typing a forward slash / on a new line.

A modal will appear that lists all components, then you can type additional letters and words and the list will filter based on this input.

E.g. If you'd like to add a line chart to your slide, you could do it in three different ways:

  1. Type / and scroll through the list until you find Line Chart and then hit Enter.
  2. Type /chart, this will filter the list to just charts. Scroll through and select Line Chart.
  3. Type /line, this will filter the list for Line Chart. Hit Enter.

Adding Content

Typing shortcuts used at the beginning of a new line lets you add different kinds of content to your slide.

For example:

  • Format text by typing "title", "normal", "quote", "code", "table", or "math". Every new slide starts with a title by default.
  • Type "list", "bullet", or "numbered" to create a new list, or "chart" to create various kinds of common charts.
  • To insert visual elements, type "image", "picture", "logo", "gif", or "video".

Starting Templates

In the editor, you'll find settings and template options on the left side of each slide workspace. 

Clicking the magic wand in the editor will reveal a set of slide templates to help you get started. 

Not sure what the slide should look like? Just input your content and hit the magic wand. Typeset will make suggestions for the best way to format your slide.

Slide Previews and Layouts

Your slides will appear on the right and update in real time as you type. Choose from a variety of different layouts for each slide by clicking the magic wand.

The styles and layouts available will depend on what content you've added to your slide.

Choose different layouts by clicking one of the available options, and the overall color palette by clicking one of the inkwells below.

The palettes represent the overall color scheme. You can see previews of how default colors are applied to different elements. You can also manually set the colors to match your visual brand identity.


When you are ready to present your deck, click the Preview button here:  

The player automatically fills the available screen. This may result in a slightly different viewing experience depending on the size of the screen. 


Once your deck is complete, you can share what you’ve created by clicking Sharing on the right. The sharing menu provides several options for who will be able to access the deck. This includes individual-level access which can be used to track whether someone has viewed the deck. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I save my changes? 

A: Typeset constantly and automatically saves your progress as you go! If you make changes while not connected to the internet, make sure not to close Typeset before reconnecting.

Q: Can I upload my own images?

A: Yes! Simply type "image" into a new line, then either drag and drop your image into the selector or choose your images from the file browser. These images will be saved under "Your Files" for future use.

Q: What kind of charts or diagrams can I make in Typeset?

A: Currently, in the app, you can directly build line, bar, column, funnel, pie, and sunburst charts. You can even build flow charts directly in Typeset, too!

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