Onboarding Flow

The Typeset onboarding flow is an in product guided experience for all new users to learn how to use key features in minutes!

The onboarding flow guides the user through multiple lessons where the user is prompted to use the product to complete various actions, leaving the onboarding flow with their first completed document in Typeset.

Onboarding Setup

  • A Survey to Communicate to Typeset your line of work and learn about you for an excellent experience.
  • You'll be given various lessons that cover the entire product in the onboarding flow:
    • Learn how to create a cover page
    • Learn how to use AI in Typeset
    • Learn how to change the page layout
    • Learn how to apply a theme to your document
    • Learn how to export and share your work

Who will see the onboarding flow?

  • All new users in Typeset
  • Any existing user in Typeset can access the onboarding flow at any time by navigating to the card on the Homepage or the card in the Learning & Resources page

Do I have to complete this all at once? 

  • No! You can leave and come back to the onboarding flow. You can pick up where you left off in the flow by clicking on the onboarding card from the homepage or clicking on the onboarding progress icon in the editor.

What if someone wants to learn more than just what’s shown in Onboarding?

  • The Learning & Resources page has a lot of tutorials that walk users through features outside of what is shown in onboarding
  • We will continue adding guided lessons in Typeset as we release new features or to guide the user through more complicated features in the app

Can I do the onboarding flow on my phone?

  • No. The onboarding flow is optimized for the desktop experience.

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