"Too much content" message?

Typeset is different from other content-building software, like Powerpoint or Canva, in that instead of dragging and dropping on the canvas itself, you put components into a workspace. The components are then interpreted by Typeset's AI and the page is designed for the best, most appealing layout.

This difference is important because Typeset has "soft boundaries" that will notify you when there is too much content on a page and the AI can't generate an aesthetically pleasing layout. This is not a "bug," but a feature

To keep your message clear and content engaging, Typeset automatically interprets when there might be too much on a slide or in a single element so you can make necessary adjustments.

As you're adding content or writing, think of how much you want to fit on the page and when it would be right to add a slide or a page break. An excellent rule to present by is to have only one key idea for each slide.

With Typeset you author and (automatically) design each page or slide just like a graphic designer would.

The "Too much content" message exists while we make Typeset even smarter. Our goal is that Typeset will automatically fit and portion content to slides for you, freeing you up so you can focus on your message.

How do I fix it?

The first step to fix the "Too much content" error is by asking yourself, "What content really needs to go here?"

Consider breaking up or eliminating large blocks of text while also keeping the main idea of your message on the slide.

Perhaps you don't want to lose any content but need to spread it out. Simply create a new slide and either drag your content or drag the page break in between components.

To create a new slide, click the New slide or large plus button at the bottom of the editor; hit cmd + enter, or type --- (three dashes) (you can even hit the enter key three times). Up to you!

Typeset is all about making you faster with less effort hence the focus on keyboard shortcuts like this.

What if I pasted in a lot of text like you told me I could?

You may have seen the full video where an entire text document is copied and pasted into Typeset. Automatically, Typeset designs each slide according to the headers, text types, images, video, etc. 

This method works well when you follow a simple rule for the text you paste in:

In your source document, include some minimal formatting such as Heading styles applied in either Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Then, Typeset will turn the text into slides.

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

You'll find more on that here. Stay tuned, we are still making more improvements on Typeset to make creating beautiful content even easier.

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