Creating Content from URLs and Adding Links


You can add a link to text in the editor using either the formatting menu or a keyboard shortcut.

  1. In the editor, highlight the text where you'd like to create a hyperlink.
  2. In the formatting toolbar, click the dropdown menu for inline styles such as bold, italic, link, etc., and select the link icon. You can also use the keyboard shortcut cmd + k to quickly add a link to your selection.
  3. Type or paste the URL you want to link to, then hit Apply.

Create Slide from URL

Typeset makes it even easier to add links and content to your presentations. 

  • Copy the URL from your target website
  • Navigate to an empty slide in Typeset
  • Paste your link and select "Create a slide"
  • Typeset will bring in the headline with a hyperlink to the original URL, a subheadline, and the primary 

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