Multi-Seat Billing


Workspaces make it easier for people to work together in Typeset allowing groups of people, outside or within the same company, to collaborate on a regular basis and share the same billing details.

All Typeset users will now be associated with a workspace. If you add people to your workspace your current subscription will be transferred to the workspace for billing purposes.

A team is a group of users within the same workspace.

  • Users have the ability to share documents and folders with members within the same team

How to invite a user to your workspace:

  1. Navigate to the workspace by going to Typeset → Account and clicking on ‘Teams & Users’

  1. Add the email addresses for people you want to invite to your workspace in the field and send the invitations. You will be able to see your pending invitations.

  • Roles and Permissions:

    • Owner: There can only be one Owner of a workspace. They are also the billing admin and the only person that is able to invite others to the workspace.

    • Member: Licensed or Trialing individuals that can be added to the owner's workspace to edit projects.

  1. Users can be removed at any time by clicking on the dropdown next to their name. Once removed, they will no longer have access to the workspace.

How a new user can get set up on your workspace:

  1. People you invite will receive an email to join your workspace

  1. First thing the people you invite need to do is to sign in with their email address where they will be prompted to create their account. They can either use the social login options for Google or Microsoft or an email and password. If they opt for the latter they will need to create a password for their account and enter a verification code, sent to their email, to complete account set up. 

Now they’re all set up.


Will all new invited users also get access to a free trial period?

  • Yes, all new users will get access to a free trial period as long as the owner has an active workspace.  An active workspace is one that has a paid subscription to Typeset after the 7 day free trial.

What happens after the free trial period for invited users?

  • The Owner of the workspace will need to add paid seats for each new user to continue having access to the workspace at the end of the free trial. If the Owner does not add paid seats, the invited users will lose access to the workspace. The invited user will be notified with a banner letting them know how many days are left in their trial, with a CTA to request full license from the Owner.

How do I add an additional paid user?

  • The Owner of the workspace will navigate to their Account Page and choose to Manage Billing. From their billing page, they'll need to update the quantity for their current billing.

How much is a paid seat for each additional user in the workspace?

Where can I see how many paid seats I have enabled on my workspace?

  • The Owner is able to view the number of seats enabled in their Typeset account or in their Stripe account – both will provide the same number. 

Can a user belong to more than one workspace?

  • Yes. However, all actions performed by the user are made in context to a specific workspace. They cannot work on content from two different workspaces at the same time.

What happens if the Owner cancels the subscription?

  • All users of the workspace will no longer have access to the workspace.

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