Create/Manage Folders

Users are now able organize documents in Typeset with the new Folders feature. 

All Typeset users can create a new folder, add documents to a folder, and even create folders within a folder.

How it Works

  1. Create a new folder by clicking on the ‘Create’ button in the top right corner of the homepage and clicking ‘Folder’.

You can also create a folder by clicking ‘Create Folder’ from within the ‘Created by you’ section, or even by dragging a document right onto the ‘Create Folder’ drop zone. 

  1. From there you can set a name for the folder and click ‘Create’. You can also rename folders after they have been created by clicking on the menu and selecting ‘Rename’.

  1. Now you can see the created folder in your dashboard under the ‘Created by you’ tab along with your created documents.

  1. Easily drag and drop the documents into the folder where you want them to reside. 

  1. Your documents are now contained in the folder you added them to! 

  1. You can easily remove documents from a folder by dragging them out of the folder and back into the ‘Created by You’ section


Can I share folders with individuals or with a workspace?

  • Not yet but we are working on this feature and it will be available soon.

Is there a limit to how many documents can be added to a folder?

  • No. There is no limit on the number of documents that can be added to a folder and there is no limit on how many folders can be created.

What happens if I delete a folder?

  • The folder AND all of its contents will be deleted. To ensure your documents do not get deleted, remove them from the folder first before deleting the folder.

  • If a folder is not empty, you will get a second confirmation, warning you that all contents of the folder will be deleted if you click ‘Delete’.

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