Theme Editor

Typeset has officially pushed through the ability to customize the theme you select. We've released new customization options to the Theme Editor:

  • Font size for Title, Subtitle, and Main Text (Text Scaling)
  • Spacing in between sentences (Line Height)
  • Customize the whitespace on the page (Whitespace)

Choosing a Theme

You can change the overall theme and style of your presentation at any time. Don't worry about experimenting - you can always return to a previous theme.


To select a theme, click the Design & Style button in the top right corner and choose a theme from the list. You'll see a menu of different options of classic and unique presentation themes to fit your content. 

It's always a good idea to consider who the audience for your presentation is and what they might want or expect in a theme. A group of finance executives might prefer a minimalist theme, while an art class might rather see something colorful and bold.


Once you've selected a theme, you can click on the Customize button next to the theme card to change the typography of your theme, as shown below. To use the same font size across all slides (rather than scaling the text on each slide to best fit the available space), you can select the More consistently sized text size option at the bottom of the Customize screen.


On the Customize screen, you can also convert your presentation (landscape) to a document (portrait), or vice versa. If you select Document, the content in your slides will automatically convert to a portrait layout. After making this change, review your slides and reformat them if necessary. 



Saving a Theme

You can now customize a theme and save those changes to a new theme. This will make it easier for you to style their documents exactly how you want and reuse the custom theme for any document.

How to create and Save a Theme:

  • On any standard theme, click the context menu and Duplicate or just start Customizing the theme
  • If an existing theme is being customized, click ‘Save as New Theme’ to save the theme and access it anytime with the settings
  • If a theme you’ve created is being customized, click ‘Save’ to override the theme with new changes
  • You can add a title for any theme you’ve duplicated or created

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