The One Page Funnel Template

The One Page Funnel checkout template is a unique one. It offers you the ability to add several different payment options onto a single checkout page. 

If you aren't familiar with Multiple Payments, check out the full tutorial for this awesome SamCart feature by clicking here.

But this specific template, The One Page Funnel, takes multiple payments to a whole new level. Where other templates only allow for 2 unique payment options, The One Page Funnel template allows you to add several payment options to a single checkout page. 

Let's dive in a take a look at how it works...

The One Page Funnel Idea

So the “One Page Funnel” is a strategy that has been really effective for us. Effective enough to warrant an entire course (which we naturally titled, “The One Page Funnel”) teaching others how to replicate the process.

But the short version is condensing an entire product launch into a few emails and a single checkout page. So you get all the benefits of what makes product launches so effective, but actually…ya know….finish something for once.

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