The Popup Template

Take orders right from your own website with the Popup Template.

Do you want your customers to be able to checkout through SamCart without leaving your website? That is exactly what the Popup Template is for! 

With this template, your visitors simply click a ‘Buy Now’ button to launch a popup checkout modal from any page on your website.

Let's see exactly how the Popup Template works...

Choose The Popup Template

  • From your Products tab, open any product
  • On the Checkout Design tab, activate the Popup Template

  • Save your changes after selecting the template 
  • Launch the Drag & Drop Builder to customize your popup page

Grab The Embed Code

Once you are ready to embed your Popup sales page on your website, click the blue Share This Product button towards the top left of your dash:

From here, you’ll have two types of buttons to choose from. 

1. The Branded Popup Button

The Branded Popup Button is a blue "Buy Now" button with SamCart’s branding.

The bottom box, Buy Now Button Embed Code, contains the code snippet that will display the popup button. When customers click on that button, it will launch the popup checkout modal window.

If you want multiple buttons on your page, simply paste this code multiple times. 

2. The Custom Popup Button

The Custom Popup Button is more generic and doesn't contain SamCart's branding. 

Grab the Custom Popup Button Embed Code to display this custom button on your website. 

Important Note: Any time you make a change to either a.) the subdomain for your SamCart account, or b.) the name of your product, you will also need to update the URL accordingly in the HTML code for the button on your website. Otherwise, the pop-up window will display a 'Page Not Found' error. Any other changes that you make to your product settings will be reflected in the pop-up window without the need to manipulate the code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I have multiple buttons on the same webpage?

A: Yes! If you’d like multiple buttons, you can paste in the code more than once. You can also have multiple products’ popup buttons on the same page.

Q: Can I use this template with my WordPress site?

A: You can use this checkout popup with WordPress, LeadPages, ClickFunnels, or any other page building tool.

Q: How many payment options can I offer on my Popup checkout?

A: You are limited to 2 payment options when using the Popup Template. 

Q: If I'm using the Legacy Popup Template, what Product Settings will be visible to my customers?

A: Here is a list is what is and isn't shown to your customers in the Legacy Popup Checkout Template.

What is Shown in the Legacy Checkout Popup:

What is Not Shown in the Legacy Checkout Popup:

  • Customizable Template Colors
  • Marketplace Logo
  • Guarantee
  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Product Image

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