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Create beautiful and unique sales pages with SamCart Templates & Layouts!

Whether you are using one of our empty layouts or pre-generated templates, SamCart helps you create beautiful sales pages that showcase your products and maximize your profits.

Here's how to access our templates...

1: Open any product

Click on the Products tab in your Dashboard, and open any of your existing Products. If you don't have a Product yet, create a new one by clicking on the + New Products button!  

2: Visit the Checkout Design tab inside your Product's settings

Inside the Checkout Design tab you’ll see a list of Templates that are compatible with the Content Builder. There are two types of templates:

  • Empty Layouts are fixed width templates that do not contain any pre-generated content. Select your favorite checkout style, and build your page on a blank canvas! 
  • Pre-made Templates contain pre-generated content (text, image, etc) that you can swap out for your own! All pre-made templates are full width except the 1 Page Blueprint Template.

Each template has its own unique look and feel, so you may want to preview these templates before selecting one. To preview any template simply click on the eye icon on any template (#1 below) in the Template Library. When you click on the eye icon, a new window will open with a preview of the selected template.

Once you decide which template you'd like to begin editing in the Content Builder, select it by clicking the checkmark icon (#2 below). 

After selecting your template, make sure to Save Changes. Now you are ready to launch the Content Builder and start creating your sales page!

Switching Pre-Made Templates

The Content Builder will only show pre-generated content from the premade templates for NEW products. If you have already begun editing a premade template in the content builder, selecting a different premade template will not override your work

Here is how to clear your work so you can start fresh with a different Pre-made Template or switch to an Empty Template:

1: Select the template (Empty or Premade) you would like to switch over to by clicking on the checkmark 

2: Launch the Content Builder

3: Navigate to Settings (#1) > Page Style (#2)

4: In the Page Style tab, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Delete all content button.

This will delete all your current content and allow you to begin editing a new template. 

Note that the Delete all content button will remove all work that has been done on the current template and cannot be undone.

We understand that sometimes you may decide to change a premade template that you have already edited and designed, and deleting all your hard work would be an inconvenience. To try out a new premade template without clearing your work you can either:

1: Duplicate the product and try out a new premade template on the duplicated product:

2: Or, create a brand new product to try out a different premade template. 

Switching Empty Templates

Changing an empty template to another template (empty or premade) is as simple as selecting a new template by clicking on the checkmark inside the Checkout Design tab.

The Content Builder will show the most recently selected template. 

However, if you did select a Premade template and then want to switch to an Empty template, you will need to use the Clear all content button by using the above process to have the Empty template shown in the content builder.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is there a template that will allow my customers to be able to checkout through SamCart without leaving my website?

A: The Popup Template was created to allow customers to checkout on your established website. With this template, your visitors simply click a 'Buy Now' button to launch a popup checkout modal from any page on your site. You can learn more about the Popup Template by checking out our support article here: Popup Template 

Q: The Accelerator Template Preview has a column with text and images in it; why doesn't the content builder allow me edit the column?

A: The column shown in the Accelerator template is actually a space for the order bump. In the Accelerator template's preview, the image shows the order bump's descriptive text and image. Currently, there is no way to add any additional information to the column.

Q: Can I use the template I edited for my product page for my upsell?

A: You are unable to import your main product page design to your upsell page. The upsell page itself is similar to the "empty layout" templates, where you will use the Content Builder to customize your page.

Q: How do I apply a new template to my product page?

A: Pre-made Templates will only show the pre-generated content for new products. If you have already started an existing design, or even just opened the Content Builder to check out what a design looks like, it will not override your work. If you would like to clear your work so you can start fresh with a different Pre-made Template, you will need to launch the Content Builder and navigate to Settings > Page Style > Delete All Content.  You should then be able to edit a different template inside the content builder!

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