Product Details

Get quick details about each product, see who has bought what, and more.

View specific details about your product by viewing the details tab. See your price, which customers have purchased, and more in one place.

Start by going to your Products tab, and find the product you're looking for. 

Then, click on the Details tab to see that product's details.

At the top of the Details tab, you will see basic information like the product name, description, product tags, checkout page URL, date this product was created and more.

Export Customers + Orders

Scroll down the page, and you will see an Orders table, and a Customers table. 

The Orders table will list each order that includes this product.

The Customers table will list each customer that has ever purchased this product. 

You can export either of these tables by clicking on the Export CSV File button in the lower-left corner. So you have access to all the data you need. 

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