Test Mode

Mimic exactly what your customers see and test out your entire purchase process without spending a dime.

NOTE: While in Test Mode, use Credit Card Number "4242 4242 4242 4242" to make test purchases. You can use any valid expiration date and CVC.

Test your Product Pages, Integration Engine events, Upsell Funnels, Marketplace Emails, and Thank You Pages by switching your product into Test Mode

Test Mode allows you to mimic exactly what your customers see and test every element of your purchase process. 

Running Test Purchases In Test Mode

To enable Test Mode, head to your Product's edit page and switch the following toggle to Test Mode (1), then click Save Changes (2): 

Now that the Product is in Test Mode, preview the page and fill in any information you'd like into your fields. If you want to test your SamCart Marketplace Emails, you'll want to use your real email address. 

To make a Test purchase, use Credit Card Number "4242 4242 4242 4242" and any valid expiration date and CVC. 

When a Product is in Test Mode, this red banner will be pinned to the top of your Product Page:

NOTE: Customers will still be able to visit your Product Page while it's in Test Mode. To avoid your customers using the "4242..." credit card to purchase your Product for free, make sure you switch it back to "Live" when you're done testing. 

If you'd like to "close" your Product Page, use the Product Archive or Checkout Redirect feature.

Going Live

When you create a new Product in SamCart, it's set to Test Mode by default. To switch your Product Page into Live Mode, head to your Product's edit page and switch the toggle from Test Mode to Live (1), then click Save Changes:

Now your Product is Live and ready to accept customer payments! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: All of my Products are stuck in Test Mode. How do I fix this? 

A: If you're unable to switch your Products into Live mode, then you likely don't have a payment processor connected. 

Please follow the instruction inside of “Getting Started Guide #2: Payment Processors” to connect your SamCart account to either Stripe and/or PayPal. 

Q: Can I test the Affiliate Center in Test Mode?

A: Testing the Affiliate Center requires live orders. Test Mode orders will not capture and report any information on the referring affiliate.

Q: Why can't I see PayPal on my checkout page when I'm in Test mode?

A: PayPal and Test Mode do not get along due to a falling out at the company holiday party. When you are in Test Mode, you will be unable to run a test purchase with PayPal.

Any Product that is in Test Mode will display credit card fields, and hide PayPal as a payment option regardless of what payment processor you have connected.

Q: Oops! Someone purchased my product while it was in Test Mode. What do I do?

A: You will need to reach out to that customer and notify them that they need to re-purchase the product with their own (real) credit card. I would advise that you make sure the product is in LIVE mode before reaching out to the customer.

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