Order Redirect

Control where your customers are directed after they've purchased your product.

Wondering what your customers see after they buy one of your SamCart Products? SamCart provides two options regarding where your customers are taken after they make a purchase. 

By default, SamCart will direct your customers to an automatically generated Order Summary Page. Alternatively, if you have a custom thank you page, registration page, download page, etc., you can bypass SamCart's Order Summary Page and send your new customers straight there.

Set Your Purchase Completion Setting

Start by heading to your product's Product Details tab and scrolling down to the Order Redirect settings.

Here, under Order Redirect Destination, select one of two options:

Note: If your product is assigned to a Course Tier you'll see a third option, Courses Auto Enroll, in the Order Redirect Destination dropdown.


For more information on assigning a product to a Courses Tier check out our Selling Your Course support article here!

Order Summary

If chosen, this option immediately redirects your new customers to an automatically generated Order Summary Page. This page contains:

  1. Your Marketplace Logo
  2. The Order Date
  3. The Order Number
  4. All of the Customer/Shipping info collected
  5. Your product's Digital File Download Button (this downloads the digital file you uploaded to your product via the Product Details tab. Learn more here: Deliver Digital Files)
  6. A record of any Order Bumps purchased
  7. A record of any Upsells purchased
  8. The subtotal (before shipping) and total amount paid

Custom URL

Select this option if you have a custom thank you page, registration page, download page, etc.! This immediately directs your customers to the entered Custom URL and bypasses SamCart's Order Summary Page completely.

Your customers will still receive an email receipt with their order details immediately after the purchase is complete, so don't worry about them wondering if their transaction was successful.

When you select Custom URL, you'll see some additional fields:

  • Custom URL (1): enter the URL for your thank you page, registration page, etc.
  • Custom URL Button Text (2): enter the text you'd like displayed on the button linking to your Custom URL. This button will appear in your Order Receipt emails if you toggle Show Custom URL Button on Receipts (3) to On.

Courses Auto Enroll (Only available on products assigned to a tier)

Select this option if you'd like your customers to automatically be directed to your Courses App registration page! 

With Courses Auto Enroll selected, your customers will automatically be taken to the following registration screen after a successful purchase on your product page: 

For more information on how students can enroll in your course take a look at our How To Access Your Courses article

Conversion Event Tracking

If you're looking to embed a custom Conversion Event script (from Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc.) on your Custom URL, start by heading to your product's Advanced Settings tab:

Now, paste your Conversion Event script into the Fire pixels/scripts after an order is completed field:

This injects your Conversion Event script onto your Custom URL, and allows you to track conversions in the application of your choice! 

NOTE: If you're redirecting to your own Custom URL, make sure you head to your Marketplace Settings and switch the Fire Pixels Before Redirect (Optional) toggle On.

This ensures there is enough time for your pixel events to fire before your customer is redirected to your product's Custom URL.

If you're using SamCart's Order Summary Page, you can ignore this step!

Custom Macros (Advanced)

If you would like to pass the Customer Email and/or Order ID Number onto your own custom thank you page (not SamCart's Order Summary Page), use the following URL Parameters in your product's Custom URL:

  • Customer Email: ##email##
  • Customer Order ID: ##orderid##

Here is an example of what this looks like:


SamCart will automatically pass through the customer's email into the URL. You can employ custom scripts to capture and use this information however you'd like!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The “Course Auto-Enroll” option isn’t appearing. What do I do?

A: If you do not see “Course Auto-Enroll” listed as an option, you most likely do not have a Product assigned to your Course. You will need to go ahead and do that first! Check out this Knowledge Base article - Selling Your Course (specifically the “Assigning Products” section) for guidance on how to do that.

Q: Can I edit SamCart's Order Summary Page?

A: For the sake of simplicity, the Order Summary Page cannot be edited, but it contains everything you need to confirm your customer's purchases and deliver your digital uploads.

That said, you can edit the text of the Digital Download Button in the Type section of a product's Product Details tab, and the Custom URL Button Text in the Custom URL section of a product's Product details tab.

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