Payment Options

Convert more customers by offering a choice of payment options on your Product Pages.

It's an indisputable fact that offering your customers multiple payment options to choose from increases conversion. According to SamCart’s database, offering a second payment option captures an average of +21.6% more customers!

Thankfully, giving your customers the ability to purchase a payment plan or product option in SamCart is a breeze. You can even use this feature to offer variations of your Product that have a different price!

In this example, let’s say we want to have the following two payment options available on the same Product Page:

Option A: 1 Payment of $100

Option B: 4 Payments of $25, billed monthly

Let's go through each step of making that happen:

1) Create Each Payment Option as a New Product

First, you have to create each Payment Option as a new Product in SamCart. For our example, we'll create two Products:

Product A: “Your Awesome Product”, 1 charge for $100

Product B: “Your Awesome Product Pay Plan”, 4 charges of $25

You'll want to set your Product's Product Name field to be whatever you'd like the Payment Option to be labeled as on your live page:

2) Set Each Product's Settings

If your Payment Option Products are being used solely as Payment Options, then you don't need to customize the pages via the Content Builder. However, because each Payment Option is its own Product, you will need to set any Integration Rules, File Uploads, Thank You Page URLs, and Shipping Settings that apply to the Product(s) you're offering.

3) Set Each Product’s Upsell Funnels

Again, because each payment option is its own Product, you can select to send your customers through different Upsell Funnels depending on which Product they purchase.

4) Attach Your Payment Options

Pick which Product you would like to be shown as the “Default” payment option on the checkout page. This is the URL you'll be sending out to your customers and is the one you'll want to customize via the Content Builder

Click into that Product’s "Edit" page, and click on the Payments tab:

Under Additional Payment Options, choose as many Payment Options as you'd like from the Product List and click Add:

Pay What You Want products are eligible to be used as Payment Options.

Your Payment Options will now be available for purchase on your live Product Page, and the Order Summary will automatically update when it's selected:

Examples: Multiple Payments In Action

1) Offering a Payment Plan

Offer a “4 payments of $_____” payment plan, and make your more expensive products a little easier to swallow for your customers.

Example: SamCart Checkout With Payment Plan

2) Pricing Tiers

Throw in a second payment option for an upgraded version of your product. Sort of like an upsell right from the checkout page!

Example: SamCart Checkout With Pricing Tiers

3) Throw In A Free Trial

For anyone offering unlimited subscriptions, try a 30-day free trial, or even a $1.00 trial, right on your checkout page. And flood your recurring programs with new signups!

Example: SamCart Checkout With Free Trial

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