One Click Upsells

Double your profits by using SamCart's most powerful feature.

1-Click Upsells are the single most powerful feature for your bottom line. Thankfully, SamCart replaces all the complicated tech work with one simple tool.

SamCart allows you to add a simple Upsell to your products, or create more in-depth sales funnels that your customers will be taken through. Follow along with the steps below to double (or even triple) your average customer value, or skip ahead to the end to check out a quick way to simply add a single Upsell to your product.

Step 1: Create The Products You Need

First things first, you need products to upsell. Check out this guide to walk through this step by step: Creating a Product

One important note is that products created with the pay-what-you-want pricing structure cannot be used as Upsells.

Whether you are duplicating products and lowering the price, or quickly creating new products from scratch, creating upsells starts with having products to upsell.

Step 2: Create Your Upsell Offers

Once you have created the products you need, it's time to visit your Offers tab and create your Upsells. Note: this tab has previously been labeled "Upsells" in past versions of the marketplace design.

Create your Upsell, attach one of your products to it, and then customize the content on the page. Add videos, images, tracking scripts, and more.

To create your upsell offer, click the +New Upsell button. From here, a slide-out modal window will appear so you can fill out the details for your upsell. When you're ready, click the blue Create Upsell button in the bottom right corner of the slide-out modal. 

A default upsell template is automatically generated from these details using the Product Name, Product Image and Description from your product’s settings to make the process even simpler for you! Here is what that auto-generated template could look like:

If you want to customize this page further, you are also welcome to click this button to Switch to Build Your Own:

Step 3: Add a Single Upsell to Your Product

If you'd like to add a single Upsell to a product without necessarily having to create a full funnel, we've released a shortcut to make this process as simple as possible!

You'll still need to start by creating your Upsell as its own product as outlined in the previous steps. Then, to easily attach it to your product, simply go to the primary product's settings, click into the Offers tab, and select Add an Upsell. Simply select your choice from the dropdown list of existing upsells! Be sure to hit Save Changes before exiting.

Optional: Create A Funnel with Multiple Upsells

If you would like to take your customers through multiple Upsell (and Downsell) offers, then you might want to consider creating a Funnel. Creating a Funnel allows you to choose which Upsells you would like to show and the order in which you want to show them.

In the Offers menu, you will see a Funnels tab. In this tab, you can click the +New Funnel button, name/describe the funnel, and then click the Create Funnel button:

Once you have created the funnel, you can then select the products you want to be included throughout the funnel, whether they are shown to your customers as Upsells or Downsells. 

SamCart supports both upsells and downsells. To help you understand the path your customers take through an upsell funnel, here are some flowcharts of different upsell funnel examples you might create.

Optional: Add an Upsell Funnel to Your Product

If you choose to create an Upsell/Downsell funnel, you can follow a similar process to attach it to your product. Once your funnel has been created following the previous steps, click into the Offers tab, and select Add a Funnel. Simply select your choice from the dropdown list of existing upsell funnels! Be sure to hit Save Changes before exiting.

Optional: Upsell Confirmation

If you would like your "One-Click Upsells" to become "Two-Click Upsells", then SamCart's Upsell Confirmation feature is for you. 

Instead of having customers purchase your upsell offer with a single click, you can display a custom message and require customers to confirm they wish to buy the upsell by clicking again. 

See exactly how this feature works in the video below.

Adding Payment Options to Your Upsells

Need some additional Payment Options added to your One-Click Upsell pages? We've got you covered.
To begin, you'll need to add your Payment Options to the main Product connected to your Upsell. In this example, our Upsell Product is a $49.99 physical product.
We'll start by clicking into that Product's edit page and navigating to its Payments tab (1). Under Additional Payment Options, we'll select our Payment Option from the Product List (2) and click Add (3). Don't forget to click Save Changes in the upper right-hand corner of your screen once your additional Product is added:

Now we just need to enable Payment Options in the Upsell itself. To do so, open your Upsell and switch the Use Payment Options toggle to YESIf you'd like, you can adjust the Headline Text that introduced the multiple Payment Options on your Upsell page.

Save your changes, and you're all set! Your Upsell will now include each additional Payment Option that you attached to your Product: For more information on creating and managing multiple Payment Options in SamCart, refer to this article: Payment Options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My customer’s order says “Pending Upsell”. What does that mean?

A: This means that the customer has not completed the Upsell funnel after their initial purchase. The Upsell will be pending for about 2 hours; this gives the customer time to return to the Upsell funnel and complete the purchase. If they do not, then the order will officially close after the 2 hours. 

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