Order Bumps

Easily provide "add-on" products that increase the value of each order.

Sell more products and increase your average customer value by adding Order Bumps to your SamCart Product Pages. SamCart's Order Bump feature makes it even easier to customize your order bumps!

An Order Bump allows customers to add another Product to their order before they complete their purchase. 

Order Bumps are an easy way for your customers to purchase more products from you. With just a simple click, a percentage of your customers will accept your Order Bump and increase your average order value significantly.

To add an Order Bump to your Product Pages, follow the directions below:

Adding An Order Bump

  • From your SamCart Dashboard, click on the Products tab.
  • Select the Product you would like to edit.
  • Click on the Offers tab on your product edit page.

  • Scroll down to the Order Bump section.
  • Use the Product List to select the product(s) you would like to offer as an Order Bump and select Add.
  • After adding the product(s) from the Product List, scroll down to access the Order Bump customization features.

Choosing Your Order Bump's Layout

You can now select a layout for how your Order Bump(s) will appear on your product’s page! 

The multi-product widgets can accommodate as many order bumps as you want while the single product widgets can accommodate a single order bump. If you have multiple Products as Added Order Bumps, you will not be able to click on the Single Product Widgets.

The default order bump layout is the Horizontal layout.

While the layout previews only show a select number of rows/columns, there is no limit to how many order bumps you can use with the multi-product widgets. The preview images demonstrate an example of the layout.

If you are including multiple order bumps on your page, the order of your order bump products will appear in the order that they were selected from the Product List. 

Once you have selected your desired layout, you will want to make sure to click Save Changes to see the order bump layout reflected on your page. 

Learn more about the different layouts below! 

Single or Multi-Product Widgets

The below widgets accept either single or multiple product selections. There is currently no limit to how many products you can add as Order Bumps; however, we recommend limiting it to between 4-6 (depending on the widget).

Horizontal Layout

The Horizontal widget is what your order bump layout will default to. The Horizontal widget showcases a tall, high-resolution image while offering plenty of space for you to describe your product. When adding multiple products, the widget stacks allowing you to showcase as many products as you’d like. The mobile version of this widget goes vertical allowing your image to still be the highlight of your Order Bump.


The Vertical widget is a great option for when you have multiple products but don’t need the image to be the focal point. When adding multiple products, the widget will go side-by-side providing you the ability to promote multiple products without taking up an excessive amount of room on your page. On mobile, the widget will stack, taking up less space than its Horizontal counterparts.

Horizontal Compact

The Horizontal Compact widget is great when you need a very compact and minimalist layout. Great for simple add-ons, product variants, or inexpensive products you want to cross-sell to your customers. The simple button design removes the distraction of a large CTA giving your customers the ability to quickly add products to their cart!

Grid Layout

If you have several products that you want to sell on a single page, the Grid widget is the best option for selling a series of related products, giving your customers the flexibility of choosing from your catalog of products. On mobile, the widget will stack, and take up the least amount of vertical space on the page. 

Single-Product Widgets

The single-product widgets will only accept one product selection and are generally used when you have a high-converting product that you want to offer at a discounted price or have a limited time offer. These widgets show immediately after your product page loads, giving your customers the opportunity to add an additional offer to their cart right away.

The single-product widgets are some of the most dynamic widgets currently available with their subtle animations and simplicity! If you have a limited time offer or a product that is a guaranteed sale, we absolutely suggest one of these widgets.

Slide-In Widget 

Sliding in from right to left, the Slide-In widget will showcase your image as well as provide you ample space to add copy to close the deal. The Slide-In widget will slide the order bump into the screen after 5 seconds of a customer landing on your product page. Once a customer selects to add the Order Bump, the Slide-In Widget will disappear from the product’s page. Similarly, if a customer dismisses the widget by closing out of it, a cookie will be added to the customer’s browser for 24 hours so the widget doesn’t continually bother your customers when they’ve already said no to the order bump. A cookie will only be added to the browser when the product's page is in live mode. 

Footer Widget

The Footer widget provides many of the same benefits as the Slide-In while giving you more space for your product description. By taking up the full-width of the page, your customer is given a clear call to action that isn’t overly distracting to your main product offering.

Customize Your Order Bump’s Design

You can customize your order bump(s) to match your page’s design by using the features in the Order Bump Design section! The Order Bump Design settings are global, meaning that these customizations will appear on all the included order bumps.

  • Choose Colors

    The Choose Colors fields give you the ability to edit the color of specific sections of the order bump! The default colors for your order bump are as follows:

To change the default color for any of the sections you will simply want to click on the color to bring up the color picker. From there, you can select any color that best fits your product’s page!

  • Container Border

    The Container Border section gives you the option to edit your order bump container border! The options currently available are No Border, Solid, or Dashed.
    The color of the order bump’s border can be customized in the Choose Colors section.
  • Text Alignment

    To edit the text’s alignment inside the order bump you will want to use the Text Alignment section! The Text Alignment section gives you the option to align all your text to either the center, left, or right.
  • Checkout Button Text

    The default text that will appear on your order bump checkout button is “Add to Order”, as shown below:

If you would like to change the default text that will show on your product page, you can do so by typing in the desired text in the Checkbox Button Text field!

The color of your checkout text can be changed in the Choose Color section as well.

Product Details

The Product Details section of the Order Bump’s settings gives you the opportunity to control what is displayed for each order bump product.

By default, the Headline will be the name of your order bump product. You can change the headline text by clicking inside the Headline field. 

Checking the Product Image, Description, and Strikethrough Price checkboxes will enable these items to be displayed on your page.

The Product Image and Description fields are, by default, the Product Image and Description that is included in the Order Bump’s Product Details tab.

Similar to the order bump’s Headline, you can edit the text of the Description field by clicking inside the Description text box.  

To delete the picture that was included in your Order Bump’s Product Details tab, you can click on the trash icon and then upload a new image by using the Upload button.

These settings can be edited on an individual order bump level. To switch to edit a different order bump product's details you will just need to select the other order bump product in the left column.

Once you have finished editing your order bumps click Save Changes at the top-right of the page to save your Order Bump settings.

After saving, you can click on the “Preview” button to see your checkout page, now complete with a working Order Bump(s)!

Removing Products From Your Customer's Cart

Customers can now remove selected order bumps from their cart in the Order Summary section of your checkout page! A Remove button will appear under all Order Bumps added to a customer's cart. 

This button will allow users to remove an Order Bump without having to scroll back up to the Order Bump Section of the page. Additionally, the Remove Button will allow your customers to remove Order Bumps for widgets that do not appear again after they’ve been added to a cart or have been dismissed/closed on the product page, for example, the Slide-in Widget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can an Order Bump be a recurring product?

A: Yes. Any product can be attached as an Order Bump, regardless of whether it's a one-time charge or subscription Product.

If you use recurring products in your Order Bumps, we strongly recommend using the Order Bump Description field to make it clear to your customers that your Order Bump contains recurring charges.

Q: Can an Order Bump be a physical product?

A: Yes. Both physical and digital products can be attached as an Order Bump.

If your Order Bump is a physical product, the Shipping & Handling charges will be applied to your customer's order if they accept it.

Q: Can an Order Bump be a Pay What You Want Product?

A: The Pay What You Want feature can only be used on the primary product or as a payment option at this time. There is no way to connect a Pay What You Want product as an Order Bump. Learn more about the Pay What You Want feature here: Pay What You Want

Q: How do I add an Order Bump if I use the legacy Order Bump feature?

A: If you are using the legacy Order Bump feature, you will toggle over to the Upsells tab and scroll down to the Order Bump section. 

Use the dropdown menu to select the product you would like to offer as an Order Bump.

You can also add a short description that will be shown on the checkout page (this is optional).

Click Save Changes at the top-right of the page to save your Order Bump. When you click on the Preview button to see your checkout page, you will see that your working order bump has been added to the page! 

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