Declined Charges

Investigate declined charges and save sales.

Why is this charge being declined?

Stripe & PayPal may decline charges from time to time. 95 times out of 100, charges are declined for very normal reasons.

  • The credit card is missing a number
  • The expiration date was not entered correctly
  • The customer’s balance is too low
  • The customer’s bank has a hold on the credit card
  • Visit Stripe or PayPal (whichever your customer used to place their order) and locate their declined charge

Where can I find more information?

Following the video tutorial above, you will be able to locate the charge in your payment processor, and get more information on why this charge was declined.

Please keep in mind, SamCart has no say in whether a charge is declined or accepted. We simply pass along your customer’s info to your payment processor, and wait to hear if the charge was run successfully or not.

What can I do to save the sale?

We’ve learned a lot over the years from running other businesses and now operating SamCart with hundreds of thousands of unique orders. Here are our best recommendations for saving an order that is being declined. Pass this list on to your customer, and you will be very likely to save the sale.

  • Refresh the checkout page, and re-enter your credit card information. Double check your information is correct before submitting the order.
  • Retry the order with a different credit card.
  • Contact your bank and ask them to approve the purchase.

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