Migrating Subscriptions

Have subscriptions in other systems that you want to move to SamCart? We can help with that!

If you have subscriptions currently charging somewhere outside of SamCart, then we can help you migrate them into SamCart, so you have everything in one place!

Our team can help securely move your existing subscriptions onto our platform, while making sure all of your customers' payment information is protected. 

Migrating subscriptions onto SamCart happens in a few different steps, and the process can differ depending on what tools you are currently using, where you process your payments, etc. But be sure to reach out to our team, and we can give you more specific instructions on exactly how to get your subscriptions inside of SamCart!

We will work with you and your existing payment processor to get your recurring subscriptions running inside of SamCart, without interrupting your normal billing schedule. 

Jump into your account, or email support@samcart.com today and open a ticket with our team about migrating your subscriptions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Once I migrate my subscriptions, will SamCart's reports include the migrated subscriptions?

A: Yes! Once we help migrate your subscriptions, all of SamCart's reports + analytics will include your subscriptions. So you can track subscription revenue, stick rate, churn, and more from all of your subscriptions.

Q: Is my customers' information going to stay PCI Compliant?

A: Absolutely. We will work with your current payment processor to ensure that migrating your customers' most sensitive information is handled within PCI compliance every step of the way.

Q: Can I import subscriptions on my own?

A: No, you can't. Migrating subscriptions needs to be done with the help of our team! We can ensure that your customers' payment information is kept secure, while working with your current payment processor to get your subscriptions onto our platform.

Q: Can SamCart's reporting include subscriptions that are currently running normally inside of Stripe, PayPal, InfusionSoft, etc.?

A: SamCart's reporting can only include information on subscriptions that were placed on a SamCart checkout page. If the subscription started somewhere else, then we cannot include that info in your reports.

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