Customer Hub

Let Customer Hub take care of your customer support!

With SamCart’s Customer Hub, you can cut out hours of customer support work. This tool gives your customers the ability to manage their own payment information and subscriptions, as well as to view their payment history and download invoices, so that you can focus on selling. 

Read more to learn how to edit your Customer Hub as well as the customer flow of account cancellations and card updates!

Customer Hub Settings

To customize the Customer Hub that your customers will see, navigate to your Marketplace Settings > Customer Hub:

At the top of the Customer Hub page you will find your hub’s unique URL in the Customer Hub Login section: 

Login URL is the URL that your customers can use to access Customer Hub.

Email Button lets your customers access Customer Hub even quicker via product emails they receive. This setting is On by default.

In the Subscription Settings section, you can choose to give your customers the option to cancel their subscription within the Customer Hub. By default, the Self Cancellation feature will be set to Off. To allow customers the option to cancel, switch the toggle to On.

Your Brand Logo that will appear in the Customer Hub will be the logo that is uploaded in your General Marketplace Settings. To edit your logo, you can either click the General option on the left-hand column or click on the hyperlink found in the Brand Logo section:

In the Contact Page Settings section you will be able to edit what items appear on your Contact Us page within the Customer Hub:

Selecting the Marketplace Address box will display the address that is added in the Marketplace Address section in the General Settings page.

Selecting the Support Email Address box will display the email address that is added in the Support Contact field in the General Settings page. 

In the Social Links section you can add social media links that you would like to appear on your Contact Us page. If uploading any links to this section, make sure to include the full URL, including the “https://”. 

Here is an example of what the Customer Hub will look like to customers:

Customer Hub User Flow

Logging In

Every subscription-based customer will have two ways to log in to the Customer Hub: either through the Customer Hub Login URL or through applicable emails. 

When logging in through the Customer Hub Login URL, your customers will need to enter the email associated with their subscription order.

After clicking the Send Access Link button, the customer will receive an email with a unique link that will give them access to the Customer Hub:

Another option to grant customers access to your Customer Hub is via product emails when the Email Button setting is on. Alternatively, you can manually send a Customer Hub Login Email.

To do so, navigate to the Subscription option in the Activity dropdown of your marketplace. Click on the Subscription ID for the customer you’d like to send a Customer Hub Login Email to. 

At the bottom of the Subscription Summary page, click on the Send Customer Hub Login Email button to have an email with a unique link sent to your customer’s email on file.

The email will look similar to the email customers receive when manually requesting the access link from the Customer Hub Login URL.

Payment History

Within the Customer Hub, a new section customers will be able to view is their Payment History! 

This section contains a table that displays the history of transactions between the customer and marketplace. 

This table has four sortable columns: Date, Price, Order ID, and Status, as well as the ability to access invoices. The table can be exported as a CSV or printed and saved as a PDF.

Cancelling a Subscription Inside the Customer Hub

If the Self-Cancellation toggle is set to On in your Marketplace, customers will see an option to cancel their subscription by clicking on the following button:

After clicking the cancellation button, the following popup will appear asking the customer to confirm the cancellation:

Clicking on the Confirm button will immediately cancel the customer’s subscription and they will no longer be billed for that existing subscription. 

A refund will not be issued for any subscription charges through the customer hub. 

While in the Subscriptions tab, customers will also be shown if any of their subscriptions have had a failed charge.

Learn more about this process here: Subscription Saver (Dunning)

Updating Credit Card on File

For active subscriptions, your customers will also be able to update the card associated with their subscription! There are two ways of doing this.

1: Updating within the Customer Hub

Customers can update their card on file directly within the Customer Hub if they meet a couple criteria: this is possible only if they originally purchased with a credit card using Stripe AND they are switching to another card also on Stripe. If either of those is not the case, they will need to use Option 2.

This is a mobile view example of how this option appears:

2: Updating via email

When clicking the following button to update their card, your customer will be emailed a separate link that directs them to update their payment information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long are the links to the Customer Hub valid for?

A: When generated, a link to log in to the Customer Hub will be active for one hour. If the link is not clicked within an hour, it will simply redirect the Customer to the Customer Hub Login page to generate another link. After the link has been clicked, the link will become invalid and also redirect the Customer to the Customer Hub Login.

Q: How long can a customer be logged into the Customer Hub?

A: When a customer is logged into the Customer Hub, each session within the Customer Hub will be valid for 30 minutes.

Q: Can I edit the Customer Hub Login URL?

A: At this time, the Customer Hub Login URL cannot be edited. 

Q: A customer purchased a subscription with a free trial period. This is not showing up in the Payment History section of the Customer Hub. Why?

A: With one exception (paying $0 for a pay-what-you-want product), the payment history is meant to reflect payments made by a customer to a marketplace. If no money has changed hands, nothing is reflected in the Payment History. Check the Subscriptions tab in Customer Hub to see when the first payment will occur.

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