Exclusively for SamPay customers, you can now view your payout history without having to navigate to another site!

Previously, to view your payouts (e.g. your payout schedule, the amount that will be paid into your bank account, the associated transactions, etc.) you needed to log into your Stripe account outside of SamCart and find that information there. 

Now, through SamPay, you can access this information directly within your SamCart marketplace dashboard!

Navigating to Payouts

If you are a SamPay user, the Sales tab in your marketplace dashboard will contain the Payouts page.

On this page, you will find all of your payout details, including the bank account you currently have set up in Stripe, your previous payout amounts, your next payout amount, the total balance in your Stripe account, and all previous payout dates.

Click the date of a previous payout to see its included transactions. This will create a detailed view showing which transactions were associated with that specific payout and relevant details about each transaction. 

Changing Your Payout Schedule

The Configure Payouts button in the top right of the page will take you to your Stripe dashboard. This is where you will go to update your bank account information, initiate a manual payout, or change your payout schedule.

If your payout schedule is set to Manual, this will be shown in the Next Payout Date field instead of a date.

Like in Stripe, initiating a manual payout will not allow you to see the transaction details that are shown for automatic payouts.

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