5 Minute Quickstart

Welcome to SamCart!

The Getting Started section of the Knowledge Base contains everything you need to set up your marketplace and get selling across a dozen or so in-depth articles. 

However, this 5 Minute Quickstart is perfect if you're looking for the simplest possible overview, or if this isn't your first rodeo and you'd just like a quick refresher.

The 1 minute videos below will walk you through connecting a processor as well as creating, customizing, and sharing a product page. Below each are links to other relevant Knowledge Base articles if you'd like to dig into more detail about any steps along the way!

1. Connect a Payment Processor

Further reading: SamPay, Connecting Payment Processors 

2. Create a Product Page

Further reading: #2 Create Your First Product Page, Creating My Products 

3. Customize Your Product Page

Further reading: #3 Designing Your Product Page, The Content Builder 

4. Share Your Product Page

Further reading: #4 Sharing Your Product Page

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