Navigation Bar Guide

Introducing the latest update to our navigation menu designed to enhance your browsing experience!

Most aspects have remained unchanged, with some key improvements to hard-to-find areas. You can reference this guide to see the quickest way to access the features you use the most.

The navigation bar has been relocated from the top of the screen to the left side, providing a more intuitive and efficient navigation experience. 

Hovering over it expands your tabs. You can click the >> icon at the top to keep the navigation bar pinned open.

Main Navigation Tabs 

The Apps tab is now called Tools, offering a more descriptive name for easy access to our powerful suite of tools.

The Upsells tab has been renamed Offers, which provides a clearer understanding of its purpose. 

We’ve made Courses its own tab, with its relevant sections Library, Students, and Settings all inside.

We’ve also created a new Audience tab. This section houses the customer information that was previously found under the Activity tab.

Our Reports tab is now called Sales, combining the functionality of both our old Activity and Reports tabs. Here, Upsell Funnels is now called Upsell Performance. For our SamPay users, Payouts is now simply labeled SamPay.

Utility Navigation

Further down, you'll find the utility section. 

Included here is our new Community tab which consolidates various helpful resources including Promote SamCart (previously a part of the old Activity tab) and a link to the Facebook community. 

This is where you’ll also find the Help tab, which links you to the support team and this Knowledge Base, as well as your Marketplace Settings.

Finally, beneath this is where you'll find your account information, where you can access your Account Settings, Billing information, and where you can Log Out.

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