Tour Your Marketplace Dashboard

Welcome to your SamCart Marketplace!

Once you've gotten your account set up, your new dashboard will be your central hub for navigating each aspect of your marketplace, from product and course creation to reports, training materials, account management, and more.

Your dashboard can be broken up into two main sections: 1. your primary marketplace tools in the top left, and 2. your account tools in the top right.

You can always navigate back to your dashboard's home page by clicking the blue SamCart icon in the top left:

1. Marketplace Tools

These are your tools for running your business. From initial product creation to analyzing sales, we've got you covered every step of the way.


This is where you will build and manage your product pages. For a full rundown on products, see articles #2-4 in our Getting Started Guide as well as our full Knowledge Base section on products.


Here, you'll be able to view a ton of information about your sales, including everything to do with your charges, orders, subscriptions, and customers. 


This is where you'll manage one of the most powerful sales tools available: the upsell. You can read all about it here

Note: this is only available to Grow-tier subscriptions and above.


This is where you'll go to access and download all of your data. Reports include:

  • Sales by date
  • Sales by product
  • Refunded products
  • Subscriptions
  • Upsell funnels
  • Traffic

Read more about these here


Here you'll find links to the Affiliate Center, Subscription Saver, and Cart Abandonment tools.

The biggest tool here however is the SamCart Courses App! Similar to the Products section of your marketplace, this will be where you go to manage all things related to your courses. We have a huge section of our Knowledge Base committed to the Courses App which you can check out here

2. Account Tools

Over in the top right of your dashboard, you'll find the tools you need to learn, find help, adjust settings, manage your account, and more!

CreatorU / Training Library 

Depending on whether or not you've purchased access to CreatorU, this icon will appear one of two ways:

This is where you'll go to access any training courses you have available, which may have come included in a subscription package, been purchased individually, or been included in the full CreatorU package. Learn more about CreatorU here!

Help Menu

This dropdown provides links to get you whatever answers you need. 

Key sections include Contact Support, which provides a link to contact the SamCart support team from right within your dashboard as well as a search tool for our Knowledge Base of help articles, and Help Center which will take you directly to our Knowledge Base containing over a hundred help articles covering every aspect of the SamCart experience. 


For a comprehensive guide to your marketplace settings, check out the Marketplace Settings folder of our Knowledge base here.


The Account dropdown is where you'll be able to manage your profile information and subscriptions, as well as log out or switch accounts. 

Key sections include Profile Settings, where you'll be able to update the email and password used for your account, and Billing, where you'll be able to view your subscriptions and manage them, such as updating your card on file for payment.

And there you have it! With all of these tools at your disposal, we know you can accomplish great things. 

If you're still getting started, we recommend checking out the rest of the articles in our Getting Started Guide. If you run into any roadblocks or if any questions arise, give our Knowledge Base or our YouTube channel a search or reach out to the SamCart support team - we'll be here to help every step of the way.

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