Creating Slides from Text Documents


Creating Typeset Slides from a Text Document Best Practices

  • Format the text document with a Heading for each section or paragraph

  • Use short paragraphs or text blocks
  • Include your images and videos directly in the text editor
  • After importing your text into Typeset, review each slide and make changes as necessary to keep the content engaging

Formatting in the text editor

As long as your source document has some minimal formatting, such as Heading 1 styles, applied in either Google Docs or Microsoft Word, Typeset will turn the text into slides. 

A new slide will be created before each Heading 1 and we try and preserve as much of your formatting as possible. Yes, Typeset will bring in your images, too!


To prevent creating an extremely long content area in a slide, make sure each section of text below a header inside your text document is short and concise!


To text document conversion in action, check out this video on how to create perfectly curated slides from your word processor:



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