Cropping Images

Images are automatically placed on the slide based on the type of image and chosen layout. This means that Typeset attempts to decide how best to display the image based on whether it thinks it is safe to crop the image to best fit the container, or whether it needs to be visible in its entirety (e.g. screenshots and diagrams).


Manually change the image cropping or control how an image is shown by clicking the Image icon in the editor and toggling the Do not crop setting.


Changing the Visible Area of an Image

You can reposition (pan) the focal point of an image that has been fitted to the container. Hover over the image on the slide, click the ✥ button in the top left corner of the image, then drag the image to the perfect position and click the checkmark to confirm. 

Reset the image to the center using the focal button to the left of the checkmark.


If the image is square or the entire area is visible you may not see the panning button.


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