Slide-Out Checkout

The new Slide-Out checkout is setting new records for conversions, beating a lot of controls in our latest split tests with SamCart VIPs. Combine the power of embed, with a sleek, lightweight animated drawer to provide your customers with a lightning-fast checkout experience.  

How to Deploy Slide-Out Checkout

Get the Code Snippets Here 

Add this new Slide-Out checkout to any sales page, webinar room, homepage, link in bio, or anything in between by following the steps outlined on this page

The page linked above has instructions for using the SamCart Embed, with a simple custom javascript, to add the new slide-out checkout to your pages built with Wordpress, Webflow, and other page builders.

Examples of Slide-Out Checkout

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use this on my SamCart checkout page?

A: At this time, this is a feature that is only on Checkout Anywhere - Embed and must be embedded into your website builder!

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