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One option for deploying your checkout is to use the new SamCart Embed. Embed takes the power of SamCart and allows you to add it right to any page on your existing website. Boost conversions by bringing your offers closer to where your audience is already spending their time. Fewer clicks, fewer page loads, higher conversions. 

Deploy Embed by visiting the Products tab, opening any product, and selecting the Checkout Anywhere Tab.

Then select Embed, and click to copy the embed code you'll add to your site. 

Then simply paste the embed code onto any page on your website. Below is an example of the SamCart Embed pasted into a SquareSpace website. Check your website provider's own help documents for help on how to add custom scripts to your different landing pages. 

The result is a powerful SamCart checkout experience right on your own website. 

Adding Multiple Embeds

You can add an Embed checkout multiple times to the same page if you would like. When you copy the code in, it will look something like this:

<script defer=“defer” src=“https://marketplace.mysamcart.com/checkout/web-component.js”></script>
    <sc-checkout product=“product” subdomain=“marketplace”></sc-checkout>

Leave this intact the first time you embed it, but for each additional embed on the same page, remove the entire <script> line bolded above. If you don't, the checkouts won't resize and will probably have some awkward scrolling.

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