Hiding Pages

Hiding pages offers flexibility, clarity, and security, contributing to a more effective communication and presentation experience. Hiding pages can be useful in a few ways such as: customization, confidentiality and focus.


Things to Know

When a page is hidden the following occurs for that hidden page:

  • Removes the page from being shown in Presentation mode
  • No longer able to export the hidden page
  • Not be able to set the hidden page as the cover page for a document.

Hide/Unhide Pages

From the editor panel (left-side panel) Hover over the page you want to hide and click the Gear Icon for the settings and choose Hide Page

When the page is hidden, on the left-side panel the layout will change (striped) and the page on the right-side panel will dim. When a page is unhidden, the changes revert back to default settings.

Unable to Export Hidden Page

As a reminder, this is expected. The page will show when you attempt to download your document, however, it will show a blocked icon that disables the hidden page from being exported.

Use Hidden Page as a Cover Page

Similarly, when a page is hidden it's not able to be used as a cover page. This will display the blocked symbol as well.


If any questions arise or this feature is not operating correctly. Please send us an email at: support@typeset.com or open a chat to Report Issue.

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