Google Tag Manager

Track each visitor and order through this turnkey integration with Google Tag Manager. Follow the directions below to set up your integration, and start tracking sales back to your Google Tag Manager reports.

This integration is one of three analytics integrations you can set up for your SamCart Marketplace. To set up similar tracking for Meta or Google Analytics, click the links below to visit those help articles. 

Add Your Google Tag Manager Container ID

The first thing you need to do is connect your SamCart Marketplace with your Google Tag Manager. To do this, click on the Settings tab in the left-hand sidebar of your SamCart Marketplace. 

Then scroll down until you see the analytics integrations for Meta, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. Toggle the Google Tag Manager integration to On. Copy your Google Tag Manager Container ID into the space provided, then click Save Changes

Your container ID will always follow this format, "GTM-XXXXXXX". If you need any help creating or finding your container ID, visit this help article from Google.

Firing Events Back To Google Analytics

SamCart will automatically start firing a number of different events back to your Google Analytics Dashboard. Most notably, SamCart will track the following events...

  • Page View: Each time a visitor loads a checkout, or an upsell page, this event will fire. 
  • Add Payment Info: When a user submits their order, but before the charge is successful, this event will fire. 
  • Purchase: When a customer's credit card is charged, this even will fire. This means that throughout a single order, multiple purchase events could potentially fire (depending on whether you are offering One Click Upsells or not).

In addition to the above, SamCart will also track things like scrolls, interacting with a form, button clicks, and more. Each event will carry different data back to Google, and most importantly - whenever a purchase event is fired, SamCart includes a ton of data about the customer, the products they purchased, how much money was collected, and more!


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