Subscription Report

Get all the data you need about your subscriptions and grow your recurring revenue.

The Subscriptions report is built to give you insight into how your subscriptions, payment plans, free trials, and more are performing.

You can find this report by clicking on Sales > Subscriptions > Reports.

Your All-Time Stats

The widgets at the top of the page are All-Time statistics, designed to give you a high-level view of how your subscriptions are performing.

Current Active Subscriptions

The total number of recurring subscriptions with charges remaining to be attempted. This number includes free trials and at risk subscriptions. 

This does not include subscriptions that are completed, cancelled, or delinquent.

Current Active Trials

The total number of active subscriptions that are in a trial. This number includes both free and paid trials.

All-Time Trial Conversion Rate

The percentage of trials that reached at least 1 subscription charge. Basically, it's how many of your trial customers stuck around long enough to become a paying subscription customer. 

At-Risk Subscriptions

The total number of subscription who have a recent failed payment, and are now enrolled in Subscription Saver. Check the Dunning report for more information about how Subscription Saver is working to save these subscriptions from failed payments.

NOTE: These All-Time statistics do not change based on the date range you choose. 

Subscription Stats Over Time

Underneath your All-Time Stats is a graph where you can see certain subscription statistics over time.

Use the date picker to select any date range you want, then use the tabs to toggle between the following reports:

Revenue Collected

The total amount of revenue you collected from subscription charges. The graph shows a breakdown of how much revenue was collected each day. The number at the top-left of the graph is the total for that time period.

Active Subscriptions

A line graph showing how many active subscriptions you had in your account at any given time. While the graph will change to show the date range you pick, the number at the top of the graph will always reflect how many active subscriptions your account has right now.

New Subscriptions

The total number of new subscriptions created on any given day. The number at the top of the graph is a sum total of new subscriptions created, for the date range you have selected.

Subscriptions By Plan

This table breaks out your stats by plan, so you can see how an individual subscription is performing on it's own.

New Subscriptions

Pick a date range, and see how many new subscriptions were created during that time. 

Total Active Subscriptions

See exactly how many active subscriptions you have for that product. This number does not change based on the date range, and is always displaying the number of current active subscriptions.

And of course you can get descriptive information like the Recurring Price, Frequency, and Creation Date for each subscription. 

New Trials

Uncover the amount of new free trials created over a chosen date range. Choose your dates, and see how many free trials were created each day, with a sum total displayed in the top-left corner.

This graph includes only free trials. If you want to learn more about how to use free trials, paid trials, & more, check out the Advanced Subscriptions article.


See how many subscriptions have been cancelled in the Cancellations table. 

Pick a date range, and see how many subscriptions have been cancelled each day. Look in the top-left for a sum total of cancellations for that time period. 

Cancellations By Plan

Take the Cancellations table, and break it out by product, and you have the Cancellations By Plan table. 

Pick a date range, and see exactly how many of each subscription were cancelled during that time. 

Also get descriptive information about each subscription product like Product Price, Billing Frequency, and Creation Date.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I export all of my subscriptions?

A: Yes! You can export all of your subscriptions by going to Activity > Subscriptions. Then follow the directions in the Managing & Editing Subscriptions article to get a full export of your subscriptions.

Q: What is the difference between a Free Trial and a Paid Trial?

A: A Free Trial does not cost your customer anything to begin. After a certain number of days (you get to choose!), subscription charges will start. 

A Paid Trial charges your customer some amount immediately. Then begins subscription charges after a certain number of days. 

For more examples, and to see the exact product settings you need to make them happen, visit the Advanced Subscriptions article.

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