Charges Report

Track your most recent charges, where the charges originated, and what you're scheduled to collect, all with SamCart's Charges Report.

SamCart's Charges Report is a snapshot of all the latest transactions in your Marketplace. If you're looking for a stream of all your recent charges, just recurring charges, just one time charges, failed charges, or upcoming subscription charges, this report has it! 

Navigate to Sales > Orders > Charges.

There's quite a lot of information here, so let's break each section down!

Successful Charges 

The first section of the Charges report itemizes all of your most recent charges in chronological order. By default the Charges report will show all charges from the last 14 days. Use the date range picker to see your charges from a specific time period. Use the date range picker to see your Charges from a specific time period.

You can sort the Charge report information by Charge ID, Customer Name, Customer Email, Charge Amount, Charge Source, Refund Status, and Charge Date. The last three options are likely going to be the most useful for you: 

  1. Charge Source: Sorts the charges by "One Time" charges or "Subscription" charges.
  2. Refunded?: Sorts the charges to display refunds.
  3. Charge Date: Sorts the charges by either Newest > Oldest or Oldest>Newest.

NOTE: If you're viewing your One Time charges, Subscription charges, or Refunds, the information will be displayed chronologically. 

Failed Charges

The Failed Charges report puts all of your failed/declined subscription charges in one place. 

This report automatically lists each failed charge from the past 14 days. Use the date range picker to see your Failed Charges from a specific time period.

You can sort the table by different columns such as Customer Name, Customer Email, Charge Amount, Product Name, Order Number, Subscription Number, Error Message, and Date of Failed Charge.

All of these columns should be pretty straightforward, but let's briefly look at the Error Message:

Anytime there is a declined charge, the payment processor (Stripe/PayPal) sends back an error message. SamCart displays that error message for you to see in this report. 

If you'd like to learn more about why charges get declined, and get our best recommendations on saving a declined charge, visit the Declined Charges article

Next Expected Charge For Subscriptions

This table helps you see when each of your active subscriptions is scheduled to run a charge so you can see exactly how much recurring revenue you can expect in the near future!

It's likely you will sort this table using the Next Rebill Date Column, but it's worth noting you can also sort this table by:

  • Customer Name, 
  • Customer Email, 
  • Amount, 
  • Subscription ID
  • Frequency, 
  • Product Name, 
  • Next Rebill Date
  • Subscription Created

It's important to note that this report is not a snapshot of how much subscription revenue you will make each month; it is simply a list of all active subscriptions, and when they are scheduled to rebill next. 

Exporting Your Charges

If you are looking for more information about your Charges, like affiliate information, you can find that in the Charges Report Export. You can export the Successful, Failed, and Upcoming Charge reports by clicking on the Export CSV File button at the bottom-right of the corresponding table:

In the popup window, select a File Name, an Email address to receive the export, and a Export Time Range:

The Export Time Range helps you export just the information you need. It has the following options to choose from:

  • All Time: Export all failed charges from the entire history of your SamCart Account.
  • From Page: Export only the failed charges included in the current date range you've selected for the report.

Click Export and check your email for a download link to your CSV file. The email may take a few minutes to hit your Inbox, depending on the size of the export.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I search through these reports for a specific customer?

A: Yes! Each table has a search box at the top-right. You can search using any criteria that is listed in the table.

Q: Why does my customer have multiple Failed Charges with the same Subscription ID number?

A: Once a customer's recurring charge fails, SamCart's Subscription Saver kicks into action to recover the failed charge. Subscription Saver follows a specific schedule and re-attempts the charge several times over a few weeks' time. Visit the Subscription Saver & Dunning article to learn more.

Q: Why do charges get declined?

A: A charge can be declined for a bunch of different reasons. Only your payment processor (aka Stripe, PayPal, etc.) can tell you more about why a customer's payment didn't charge correctly. To learn more about how to investigate a declined charge, visit the Declined Charges article

Q: Do cancelled subscriptions show up on my Next Expected Charge For Subscriptions report? 

A: Once a subscription is cancelled it will be removed from the list.

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