Facebook LTV Lookalike Audience

How to use your Lifetime Customer Value to create a Lookalike Audience for Facebook Advertising.

UPDATE: Facebook has created a new type of Custom Audience called a Customer Value Audience. To get your SamCart Customer Lifetime Value numbers into Facebook, check out this article.

Creating Facebook "Lookalike Audiences" is a powerful tool for any advertising campaign. Upload a group of people (like your email subscribers, customers, etc.) and Facebook will automatically find similar users and collect them into an audience that you can target with your advertising. 

Facebook now allows you to upload Customer Lifetime Value when creating a new Lookalike Audience, which means you can create your own Lookalike Audience by grabbing LTV from SamCart and uploading right to Facebook. 

Follow these quick directions to see how you can get this done!

Export Customers From SamCart

From your SamCart dashboard, click on the Activity dropdown and then select Customers.

At the top of the page, select any date range using the Date Picker

Export your Customers by clicking on the blue Export CSV File button at the bottom right of the table.

Upload To Facebook

Once you have your CSV, head over to your Facebook Advertising dashboard. 

On the Audiences tab, create a new Lookalike audience using Lifetime Value (LTV) for better performing audiences. 

For step-by-step help creating this Lookalike Audience, here is a link to Facebook's help doc!

Create Ads For Your New Lookalike Audience

Once your Lookalike Audience is ready, create ads for your new audience! 

This audience will be made up of Facebook users who closely match your customers, armed with the extra data of what each customer's lifetime value is. 

This audience is like a private keyword, made to match your existing customers, that no one else can possibly target. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to upload every customer I have?

A: No! When you export your customers from SamCart, you can change the data to match whatever you're doing. You can remove customers with a low LTV. You can narrow it down to customers who have purchased a specific product. 

The data you take to Facebook is completely up to you.

Q: Can I take my SamCart Customer CSV straight to Facebook?

A: You may need to later some formatting before uploading to Facebook. Facebook's help documentation on this topic is super helpful. We recommend downloading their example CSV, so you can see exactly what format Facebook wants. 

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