Checkout Redirect

Close your checkout page by redirecting visitors to any URL you want.

If you ever want to "close" your Product Page, use the simple Checkout Redirect feature to send your visitors to the destination of your choice.

Here's how it works:

  • First, pick a webpage you want to redirect your visitors to, and copy the URL of that page.
  • Then, from your SamCart Products tab, select any product.
  • Navigate to the Advanced Settings tab:

  • Scroll to the Close Checkout Page section.
  • Paste the URL into the Checkout Page Redirect field and Save Changes:

After your changes are saved, anyone who attempts to visit that Product Page's URL will be redirected to the Checkout Page Redirect URL you've set.

Where Should I Redirect My Visitors?

You can redirect your visitors to literally any webpage on the internet. Let's try to narrow it down a little and list some "best practices" for closing down a Product Page. 

1: Build A Waiting List

Redirect visitors to a page where you can build a waiting list. You know that any visitors are interested in buying, so build a waiting list while you're closed. 

When you open again, you will have a perfect group of eager buyers!

2: Redirect To 'Full Price' 

If you were selling a product at a discounted price, use Checkout Redirect to send visitors to a full-price Product Page. 

This allows anyone who really wants to buy to place an order, and you get to pull in a few extra sales with even better margins.

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