Bundled Products

Deliver a group of products with SamCart’s Bundled Product feature. 

Are you running a promotion in which you’d like to offer a group of products for one awesome price? With SamCart's Bundled Product feature you can easily deliver multiple products with one purchase.

Create Each Product In Your SamCart Dashboard

First, you'll need to create each product you’d like to include in the bundle as a new Product in SamCart. For this example, we'll create two Products:

  • Product A: “Your Amazing Subscription,” $25 per month
  • Product B: “Your Amazing Bonus,” $15

Make sure to set your Product's Product Name field to be whatever you'd like the product to be labeled as on your live page:

Set Each Product's Settings

If one or more of your bundled products is being used solely as a bundled product, you don't need to customize its page via the Content Builder. However, you will need to add any Integration Rules, File Uploads, and Shipping Settings that apply to a bundled product at the product level.

Create Your Bundle

Pick which Product you would like to be the primary product on the checkout page. This is the URL you'll be sending out to your customers and is the one you'll want to customize via the Content Builder. 

Navigate to that product’s Advanced Settings tab:

Scroll down to the Bundled Products section. Select the product(s) you’d like to add to the bundle and click Add.

Save Changes and that’s it! When you view your live page, you’ll see the primary product and all bundled products listed in the Order Summary:

When you view orders for bundled products, you can easily see everything included in the bundle and can provide full or partial refunds for each individual product if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I add subscriptions (recurring or limited) as bundled products?

A: Yes! The products you include in the bundle can be one-time charges or recurring! If you do add an additional subscription based product, you will notice that the customer will have two separate subscriptions that can each be managed independently.

Q: Do the products I add to the bundle always change the overall total?

A: Yes, if you add a product that has a fee, that fee will be added to the main product's price. If you'd like to work around this, just make your bundled product $0.

Q: Can I use a bundle as an Upsell?

A: Yes! If you add the Primary Product (with bundle attached) as your Upsell Product, the Upsell will include all the items in that bundle.

Q: Can I use a bundle as an Order Bump?

A: At this time, you cannot sell bundled products as an Order Bump.

Q: How many products can I bundle using this feature? 

A: As many as you would like!

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