Embed an Image (Legacy Editor)

Embed any image you'd like into the body of your SamCart Product Page.

1. Host Your Image

To embed an image into your SamCart Product Page, you'll first need to host it somewhere. 

Any hosting platform will work, but we recommend using the site Imgur to host your images, as it's free, fast, user-friendly, and will store your images forever. 

2. Copy the Image Address

Once your photo is hosted, right-click the image and select "Copy Image Address."

NOTE: Your image's URL usually won't match the web address of the page where the image appears. Clicking the image itself and copying the Image Address ensures you get the correct URL. 

3. Embed the Image in Custom-Content

Head to your Product Page's Checkout Design tab:

In the Custom-Content field click Image (1), paste the hosted image URL into the URL field (2), and set the Width and Height each to "100%" (you must add the % symbol) (3): 

The image will likely look pixelated in the Custom-Content field. Don't worry about that! The 100% Width/Height settings determine that the image is "responsive," and will automatically scale to both the template and the device it's being viewed on. 

Click Save Changes (1) and Preview (2) your Page:

You'll notice that the image fits perfectly into the template that's housing it.

Desktop Version:

Mobile Version: 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I followed the steps and my image appears on my Product Page as a red "X." What happened? 

A: You likely skipped step two and pasted in the URL of the webpage the image appears on. Make you right-click the image and select Copy Image Address before pasting it into the URL field in SamCart.  

Q: Do I have to embed my image at 100% Width/Height? 

A: It's not required to embed your image at 100% Width/Height, but you run the risk of the image being too large for the template and/or not scaling properly on mobile devices. If the image is quite small, this won't be an issue. 

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