Process your payments with, and bring your own custom merchant to SamCart!

You can process your payments by integrating with an existing Merchant Gateway. Please read through this entire article to set up your integration, turn on the correct settings, and begin taking payments.

Integrate SamCart With

  • Click into you Marketplace Settings > Processors > + Add New.

  • Select Authorize from the popup window.

  • Log in to your Authorize account and do these four things:
  1. Copy your API Login ID
  2. Make sure your account is not in Test Mode
  3. If you have never generated a Transaction Key in the past, generate a new one
  4. If you have never generated a Signature Key in the past, generate a new one

If you have ever generated a Transaction Key and/or Signature Key in the past, you do not need to take any action for steps 3 and 4. You will not need to enter either of these items into SamCart. We just need to make sure these two items were generated in your Authorize account at some point.

After those steps are done, come back to SamCart and enter your API Login ID in the space provided.

You will be redirected to an Authorize log in screen. Sign in to your Authorize account in the space provided.

Click Allow on the next screen to grant SamCart permission to access different information inside of Authorize.

After that, you will see the following success message: 

After you return to your Processors screen in SamCart, you will see a blue banner around Authorize that says "Active". You are now ready to process live payments!

Turn On Billing Address For Each Product

Please be aware that you will need to collect Billing Address fields for every order. 

You can turn on Billing Address by going into any product, clicking on the Checkout Design tab, and launching the Drag + Drop Content Builder.  

Click on the Settings tab (1) at the top-right of your screen, and use the toggles to turn Billing Address (2) on for this page. Remember to save your changes!

If you are familiar with Authorize's AVS settings, you may try taking orders without collect a Billing Address on SamCart. However, we highly recommend collecting a Billing Address to ensure your orders are collected and charged correctly.

Deactivating The Authorize Integration

If you ever want to disconnect SamCart from your Authorize account, return to your Processors tab, hover over the Authorize logo, and click on the red Deactivate button

Deactivating the integration will stop any new orders from being processed in Authorize.

Compatible Authorize Charges

SamCart has a lot of flexibility with how you charge your customers. We are happy to bring that same flexibility to Authorize users! When you connect SamCart to Authorize, you gain the ability to takes orders for any of the following payment situations:

NOTE: When setting up an Unlimited subscription (no end date), you will be instructed to enter '0' for the Number of Payments. Instead, users should either leave this field blank or enter a number higher than 0. Once the product is created, you can change this amount back to 0 in the Product Details tab:

Subscription Saver and Dunning

Authorize does offer Dunning capabilities. Your subscriptions will follow SamCart's Dunning schedule, outlined in this Help Article.

Refunds On Unsettled Transactions

When you attempt to refund a transaction in SamCart that is still "Unsettled" inside of Authorize, SamCart may show you an error message. 

In some rare cases, transactions may need to be settled in Authorize before you are able to refund inside of SamCart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I cancel my SamCart account, will my subscriptions continue to charge?

A: Your customer charges for recurring and limited subscriptions would stop right away upon the cancellation of your SamCart account.

Q: Can I use to connect SamCart with another payment processor?

A: Yes, is a payment gateway. This allows SamCart to connect with any third-party gateway as long as it is supported by/can connect to

This allows thousands of payment processors to be used by SamCart marketplace owners, including NMI and other third-party processors who connects to

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