Connecting Payment Processors

Connect SamCart with Stripe and/or PayPal to accept live payments.

SamCart isn't a payment processor itself. Think of it as a conversion-driving bridge that connects your customers to Stripe and/or PayPal, the main payment processors that SamCart integrates with.

Connect your SamCart Marketplace with Stripe and/or PayPal by following the simple steps below:

  • From your SamCart Dashboard, click the Gear icon in the bottom left corner of your screen:

  • Next, select the Processors tab (1) on the left-hand sidebar. From here, click on the "Add New" button (2):

  • In the pop-up window, select which Payment Processor you would like to integrate with. We strongly recommend connecting with Stripe first!


When you select Stripe, you're taken to a page where you can either create a new Stripe account, or log in to an existing Stripe account and complete your integration.

If you would like to create a new account with Stripe:

Click the "Setup A New Processor" button on the Processors page.

Complete the form you see on the page, and in just a few minutes, you will have a new account with Stripe, ready to take live payments.

If you already have an account with Stripe:

  • Click the “Sign In” button in the top right corner of the screen.

  • Log in to your Stripe account.

  • Once you are logged in, you will see the following screen. Use the dropdown menu to select which Stripe account you would like to connect with SamCart (if applicable). Click “Connect My Stripe Account” to complete the integration.

  • You will be taken back to SamCart. Your new Stripe integration is now live and will be marked as “Active”.

View The Full Stripe Walkthrough


To connect PayPal in addition to (or instead of) Stripe, repeat the steps listed above until you get to this pop-up:

Select PayPal, and you will see the following pop-up:

  • Log in to your PayPal account in a separate tab, and click on the link in the bottom right of the pop-up window. This will take you to the page inside of your PayPal account pictured below.
  • Select the option to “Request API Signature”.
  • NOTE: Not all PayPal accounts look exactly the same. If you do not get taken to a page that looks like this, please contact PayPal and request access to your PayPal account’s “API Signature”.

  • On the next page, you can copy your PayPal API Username, API Password, and API Signature.

  • Paste your PayPal API Username, API Password, and API Signature back into SamCart, using the fields below:

  • Save your credentials and your SamCart account will be integrated with PayPal!

Reference Transactions

SamCart's integration with PayPal is unique, allowing you to use advanced features like One Click Upsells and Subscriptions even when your customers choose to pay with PayPal!

Some of these features, however, are not available unless you have you a specific feature within PayPal called "Reference Transactions". 

If you're connected with PayPal, please watch this quick video below! We want to make sure you understand what Reference Transactions are, what features it affects, and how to get them enabled:

Note: this article contains videos that utilize a previous navigation bar design. Most functions have remained unchanged, but you can always reference this guide which covers the update and differences.

To learn more about PayPal's integration with SamCart and Reference Transactions, check out the full Knowledge Base Article on connecting with PayPal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do my customers see on their credit card statement?

A: That setting is taken care of inside of Stripe and/or PayPal! Go into your Stripe Account Settings and look for a setting called "Statement Descriptor".

Q: When do I get money deposited into my bank account?

A: Stripe and/or PayPal is responsible for depositing your sales into your bank account. Please check out Stripe's documentation regarding what they call "Payouts" for more information.

Q: How do I get in touch with Stripe?

A: If you have any questions for Stripe, click over to their Contact Us page and reach out.

Q: How do I get in touch with PayPal?

A: If you have any questions specifically for PayPal, use their Contact Us page and reach out directly.

Q: Can I connect with any other payment processors?

A: Yes! We also integrate with and Braintree.

Q: Can I use to connect SamCart with another payment processor?

A: Yes, is a payment gateway. This allows SamCart to connect with any third-party gateway as long as it is supported by/can connect to

This allows thousands of payment processors to be used by SamCart marketplace owners, including NMI and other third-party processors who connects to

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