Digital Wallets

Boost your conversions by increasing the payment options available at checkout to include digital payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

If you are on a SamCart legacy plan like Startup, Basic, Basic Plus, Pro, or Premium, you will need to switch to a current plan (Launch, Grow, or Scale) to enable Digital Wallets in your marketplace. Reach out to or your Account Manager to make that switch today! 

Digital Wallets Overview

A Digital Wallet, also known as a Mobile Payment or Mobile Wallet, is essentially a virtual version of a wallet that stores card payment information for easy checkout. Enabling digital wallets provides your customers with valuable options when purchasing from a sales page, but is especially efficient when used with a Checkout Anywhere page, providing lighting fast, one-click checkout. 

If your customer has a Digital Wallet on the browser or device where they view your checkout page, the payment option will show on the checkout page under the Payment Methods section.

If Stripe or SamPay are connected to your SamCart marketplace, you can now enable the option for your customers to check out using digital payment. Digital Wallets utilize Stripe's payment gateway, so the process will be similar to processing a credit card on the checkout page.

Digital Wallet payment options are generally browser-specific and payment options will only show in their respective browsers:

  • Google Pay will show in the Chrome browser only.
  • Apple Pay will show in the Safari browser only (or most browsers if used on an iOS/iPadOS device.)
  • Microsoft Pay will show in the Edge browser only. 

Please note that Samsung Pay is not currently supported, and Firefox will not allow customers to check out using Digital Wallet payments at this time.

Better With Checkout Anywhere

Digital wallets are a great way to make payments easier on any sales page, but SamCart's Checkout Anywhere feature takes this to a whole new level. When used during a Checkout Anywhere experience, improved versions of Apple Pay and Google Pay autofill customers' information, allowing them to check out in seconds with a single click.

This was previously achievable only using Stripe Link, but with Checkout Anywhere, digital wallets now bring new one-click checkout options to your most streamlined pages.

Requirements and Enabling Digital Wallets

Digital Wallet payments are only supported on the drag and drop Content Builder templates. If you are using a legacy template on the older builder, you cannot enable Digital Wallets.

Before you can complete any of the steps below, you must have an active Stripe processor connected to your marketplace. The Digital Wallet charges processed on the SamCart checkout page will also be inside your connected Stripe dashboard.

If you have not connected Stripe yet, check out this support article that will walk you through how to set that up. 

Step 1: Enabling Digital Wallets in the Marketplace Settings

To enable Digital Wallets, first go into the General Marketplace Settings and then select Processors

There will be a toggle for Enable Digital Wallets in the Processor Settings

Switch the toggle to ON. Once this is done, you are ready to move to the next step! 

Step 2: Enabling Digital Wallets in the Product Settings

To turn on Digital Wallets for a product, you will go to the Payments tab inside the product settings.

There will be a toggle for Allow Digital Wallets that you will switch on. 

You will have the option to Use Digital Wallets as default. This means that if a digital wallet is available for use, it will show as the default payment source on the checkout page.

Save Changes and you are all done! The checkout page for that product will now accept Digital Wallet payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am getting an error message that says "Your domain saved successfully, however we failed to register it for Apple Pay. Please contact support for assistance." What do I do next? 

A: This error occurs when a custom domain has been added to SamCart before it’s been configured in CloudFlare. Please view this support article that will guide you through setting up your custom domain in Cloudflare and connecting to SamCart.

After the Cloudflare setup is complete, go back to Step 1: Enabling Digital Wallets in the Marketplace Settings toggle Digital Wallets off and on and continue to follow along with the setup guide.

Q: I am getting an error message that says "Failed to register domain for ApplePay. Please contact support for assistance." What do I do? 

A: If this happens - you may need to register your domains again in Stripe! You can manually register your domain by going to Settings > Payment Methods > Payment Method Domains.

Q: I’ve done everything necessary to turn on Digital Wallets, but Google Pay is still not available in Google Chrome. What’s next?

A: Make sure there are no Chrome extensions disabling the default ‘Payment methods’ in Google Chrome. To check this in Google Chrome go to Settings > Payment methods and see if there are any extensions in your browser that you need to disable. After disabling the extension(s) that manages Google Chrome’s default Payment method settings, Google Pay should be available on your checkout page. 

Q: Can I turn on Digital Wallets for all products at once?

A: There is currently not a way to enable digital payments on all products at once. You will need to enable Digital Wallets in the Payments tab of each product. 

Q: Can I run a test order to preview the Digital Wallet checkout process?

A: You can for Google Pay and Microsoft Pay if you save the test credit card number (4242...) as a payment method in the browser. Because of how Apple authenticates card information in Apple Wallet, you cannot process test orders using Apple Pay. 

Q: How can a customer that checked out with Digital Wallets update their credit card on file for a subscription?

A: Subscription management will be the same as it is with Stripe. You can send the customer a card update email by following these instructions.

Q: What does the checkout button for Digital Wallets look like, and is the color and text customizable?

A: Currently the Digital Wallet checkout button is not customizable. You cannot change the color or text on the button.

Google Pay and Microsoft Pay button: 

Apple Pay button: 

Q: Where can I learn more about Digital Wallets?

A: Check out these links for more information:

Apple Pay:

Google Pay:

Microsoft Pay:

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