Offer coupon codes to close more sales.

Use coupon codes to incentivize your customers to complete their orders. 

Create A Coupon

  • From your Products tab, select any of your products.
  • Click on the Product Details tab, scroll to the Coupons section at the bottom of the page, and switch the Enable Coupons slider to ON.
  • To create a new coupon, click on + Add Coupon.

That will trigger a popup window where you can fill in the different options for your coupon. Here's a quick list of the options you have, and what they mean...

  • Coupon Code: The text your customers will enter on the checkout page
  • Coupon Duration: Decide whether your coupon will apply one time, or to every recurring charge. This setting only matters for subscription products.
  • Coupon Description: A description of this coupon that is only visible inside of your SamCart account. Customers will never see this field. 
  • Coupon Type: Choose whether this coupon will take a percentage or a flat rate fee off your price
  • Coupon Amount: The percentage/flat rate this coupon will take off the price
  • Apply To: Decide whether this coupon will work for all of your SamCart products, or only a specific product you choose

After you have customized your coupon's settings, click Create Coupon. All coupons that apply to the product you are editing will be listed right there for you.

Boom, you're done. Your product's checkout page will now have a field where your customers can input any of your active coupon codes and claim their discounts. 

Pre-Apply Coupons

Coupons are perfect for limited-time offers, and SamCart allows you to pre-apply coupons for your customers through the use of a simple URL parameter. 

To pre-apply a coupon for your customers, add ?coupon=couponname to the end of your product's URL, with "couponname" being the exact name of your coupon. 

For example, here is a live page with a coupon being pre-applied.

Click this link to see for yourself:

Coupons + Subscriptions

Coupons can apply to subscriptions in two different ways: you can either apply the discount to every charge in a subscription, or just the initial charge (aka what your customers get charged on the checkout page).

Here's how you decide:

When you create a coupon, look for the "Coupon Duration" setting. 

  • Apply Once only applies a discount to the initial charge (aka the price customers pay on the checkout page), and all future recurring charges will be full price.
  • Each Recurring Charge applies a discount to the initial charge and all recurring charges for as long as this subscription is active.

Once a coupon has been created, this setting cannot be changed.

Coupons + Shipping & Handling

Coupon codes only apply to the price of your product. They will not apply discounts to any shipping & handling costs you might be charging.

Coupons + Multiple Payment Options

If you are using Multiple Payment options on a checkout page (like this), keep this in mind when you create your coupons...

1: Only coupons that apply to the Base Product will work on the checkout page.

The Base Product is the product that owns that specific checkout page. In our example, the Base Product is called "SamCart Product". The payment option is a second product that has just been attached as a payment option. 

So coupons that do not apply to your Base Product will not work on this checkout page.

2: Any coupon that applies to all of your SamCart products will apply the discount to all payment options.

Any coupon that applies to all of your SamCart products will discount both the Base Product and any payment options you have on the checkout page. 

To see this in action, apply the coupon code "earlybird" to our example checkout page. It will apply a discount to both products.

3: Any coupon that only applies to your Base Product will not discount the payment option.

Similarly, a coupon that only applies to the Base Product will not apply a discount to any payment options. 

To see this in action, apply the coupon code "FullPay" to the example checkout page. It will only discount the Base Product, and leave the payment option unchanged.

Delete A Coupon

If you ever want to delete a coupon, just click on the trash icon.

See When Coupons Are Used

Any time your customer uses a coupon for their order, you will see the coupon listed on your Orders tab, and in the popup window for the order. 

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